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Williams F1 launch: Robert Kubica reveals 2018 driving outings

Robert Kubica will drive in three Formula 1 first practice sessions this year, including Spain and Austria, as part of his reserve and development role with Williams

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Hendrick 'tearing down walls' in NASCAR Cup team's 2018 restructure

Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick says he has been “tearing down the walls” to restructure his NASCAR Cup series team, but that the playoffs will show if it has worked

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Marc Jacobs Fall 2018 Runway

images: Imaxtree

See all the Marc Jacobs Fall 2018 looks from the runway.


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A Female Only Stick Insect Species Has Produced The First Male In Recorded History

A Female Only Stick Insect Species Has Produced The First Male In Recorded History

Stick insects are unusual insects for a variety of reasons. Of course they possess a bizarre stick-like appearance that helps them remain hidden from predators, but stick insects are also reproductively unique. For example, the species of stick insect known as Acanthoxyla inermis does not require males for reproduction. These insects are comprised entirely of females, as far as researchers have been able to determine. Instead of sexual reproduction via male fertilization, these female stick insects can reproduce asexually. This form of reproduction is referred to as “parthenogenetics”. In fact, these stick insects are so well studied, that even the foremost stick insect experts in the world did not believe the claim that a male specimen had been found. Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered the first male member of the species Acanthoxyla inermis, which may indicate that the females are finally ready to reproduce sexually.

The male insect was discovered by an insect enthusiast who immediately found the insect to be odd looking. After finding the specimen, the man promptly called the nearest entomology office. Experts confirmed that this stick insect was a “mutant male” after applying DNA sequencing technology. Right now researchers are curious as to how the larger population of female stick insects will treat this lone male. Like all other evolutionary events, the existence of this one male occured by chance, now researchers are curious to learn if this one male stick insect will contribute to future generations, and therefore alter the evolutionary trajectory of the Acanthoxyla inermis species. Unfortunately, the male stick insect has recently perished and is now a part of a museum collection, but more male stick insects will likely pop-up in the future. Experts believe that this stick insect species will embrace sexual reproduction once again due to the evolutionary advantages it has over asexual reproduction. Researchers are still trying to figure out how this insect species became all-female in the first place.

Do you believe that more asexual insects will exist in the wild a million years from now? Are insects more apt than other animals to develop the ability to reproduce asexually?

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Winter Climbs 2018: Is it Almost Go Time on Everest?

Since our last update on the winter climbs there hasn’t been a whole lot of progress, but the future schedule is starting to become a bit clearer. Meanwhile, over on K2, things remain contentious, with one member of the team clearly unhappy with the current situation.

We’ll start in Nepal, where Alex Txikon and his team have been relaxing and waiting in Base Camp. Everyone seems to be in good…

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How Americans really feel about gun control

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting parkland florida

A deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday has triggered a fiery debate on gun control, yet again.

At least 17 people were killed after a young man armed with an AR-15 and multiple magazines approached the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school and committed one of the deadliest school shootings in modern US history.

On Thursday, police charged 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz with 17 counts of premeditated murder. Officials said he purchased the weapon legally.

As with previous mass shootings, calls immediately erupted for Congress and President Donald Trump to “do something” to prevent the next deadly attack.

“From my personal viewpoint, it’s time for Congress, government, somebody to do something. It’s time to talk about what the problem is and try to fix it,” Melissa Falkowski, a teacher who said she hid 19 students in her classroom’s closet during the shooting, told CNN in an impassioned interview. “I feel today like our government, our country has failed us and failed our kids and didn’t keep us safe.”

While many lawmakers, victims, and gun control advocates have demanded swift political action, their opponents have cautioned against knee-jerk reactions and implored the public to wait for more information first.

As for the American public, their views on gun control are highly nuanced. Here’s what they think:

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Spring 2017 surveys show 89% of Americans — including gun-owners and non-gun owners — tend to agree on one thing: the mentally ill should be prevented from purchasing guns.

Sources: Pew Research Center, NPR

The so-called “gun show loophole,” through which people can purchase firearms without background checks through private sales and gun shows, is similarly non-controversial. Surveys show 84% of US adults — including 77% of gun owners and 87% of non-gun owners — believe the loophole should be closed.

Source: Pew Research Center

Another 83% of American adults believe people on the FBI’s no-fly list should be blocked from buying guns. But civil liberties groups have decried previous attempts to push such legislation through Congress, arguing the no-fly list is arbitrary, frequently inaccurate, and discriminatory against Muslim-Americans.

Sources: Pew Research Center, Business Insider

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Ferrari gets boost for 2018 as F1 engine hits reliabilty targets

Ferrari’s 2018 Formula 1 engine has hit its reliability targets on the dyno, while encouraging results from work on a new cylinder head concept have also been reported

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Danica Patrick secures drive for final race in 2018 Indianapolis 500

Danica Patrick has revealed that the sign-off to her racing career in the 2018 Indianapolis 500 will be with Ed Carpenter Racing

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