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Carlin: Drivers shocked by IndyCar aerokit's sketchy oval behaviour

Trevor Carlin says his team was satisfied with its first day of IndyCar oval testing but that his drivers were “shocked” by the reduced downforce from the new aerokits

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MotoGP champion Marquez begins contract renewal talks with Honda

Reigning MotoGP champion Marc Marquez says he has already commenced talks about renewing his factory Honda contract

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Chromat Fall 2018 Runway

images: Imaxtree

See all the Chromat Fall 2018 looks from the runway.

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Termites Render A Palace Uninhabitable

Termites Render A Palace Uninhabitable

Living in Hawaii is not all sunshine and beaches, as the islands are home to one of the most destructive insect pests in the world. Formosan termites are just another part of daily life for the natives of Hawaii, but sometimes termite-induced tragedy can sneak up on long-time residents. A Hawaiian man, Aldon Yamamoto, recently finished building his own home in Honolulu. Unfortunately, Yamamoto’s new house quickly became a haven for Formosan termites. The termites caused thirty five hundred dollars in damages that included an infested door frame and several beams holding up his ceiling. What happened to Yamamoto is not uncommon in Hawaii. When it comes to Formosan termite activity, most people think of New Orleans. This is understandable as New Orleans has seen significant termite-related property damages during the past two decades. Although New Orleans deserves attention for their struggles with Formosan termites, the wood-eating insects have been eating away at Honolulu for more than one hundred years. Nowhere on earth are Formosan termites more damaging to private and public property than they are on the Hawaiian Islands.

Not only are Formosan termites more numerous in Hawaii than they are in Louisiana, but the island state’s culture is more saturated with termites and everything termite related. However, the large Formosan termite population in Hawaii has been causing disasters that may also occur in New Orleans unless Formosan termites become more effectively controlled in the state. Termites may be considered an aspect of Hawaiian culture due to the historical landmarks that termites have destroyed in the state.

Back in 1845, Iolani Palace in Hawaii became ravaged by termites, and it had to be torn down only thirty years after construction had completed. When a second palace was completed in 1879, termites struck again. Eventually underground steel barriers were installed around the palace and a the palace’s foundation was reinforced in order to repel termites. Today a cutting-edge baiting system keeps termites out of the palace, which is now a museum.

Why do you think that Formosan termites arrived so much earlier on the Hawaii islands than they did in the continental United States?

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Video: Introducing Mountain Skiing in the French Alps

Skiing and mountaineering have always been activities that have naturally gone together, but in this video you’ll see something a little different. It features French Alpine Ski Team member Alex Pitting and Tony Lamiche, former French rock climbing and ice climbing champion, as they head up into the mountains looking for steep slopes to climb and descend. And when I mean steep, I mean very…

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Here are all the Russia investigation memos that we know about and what's in them


Since President Donald Trump officially authorized the release of House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes’s controversial memo on the Russia investigation on February 2, a host of other memos have seized Washington’s and the public’s attention.

In response to the Nunes memo, which alleges misconduct on the part of the Justice Department and FBI, Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee put forward a memo of their own, which is expected to be released Friday. Nunes has also said he plans to release five more as part of an independent investigation he’s been conducting since last year into alleged corruption within the government. 

It can be difficult to make sense of the complex array of narratives and events presented in these memos. Here’s a rundown of all the Russia investigation memos that we know about so far and what they might contain:

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The Nunes memo claims investigators improperly used the unverified Trump-Russia dossier to get a surveillance warrant against Carter Page.

The Nunes memo states that the FBI and DOJ used the infamous Trump-Russia dossier as the basis for seeking an initial surveillance warrant targeting former Trump campaign foreign-policy adviser Carter Page. 

Though much of the information in the dossier remains uncorroborated, both the FBI and the Senate Intelligence Committee are using it as a “roadmap” in their Russia investigations.

Its production was funded mainly by the Democratic Party and a law firm tied to former 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The memo claims investigators never made this connection clear to the court granting the so-called FISA warrant.  

Additionally, the memo states that a September 2016 Yahoo News article was used as corroborating evidence for the Trump-Russia dossier in the FBI and DOJ’s warrant application. Nunes writes that this was improper because the article had used the dossier’s author as a source and thus did not amount to an independent corroboration. 

Finally, the memo acknowledges that the FBI’s Russia investigation was not triggered by the dossier, but by a conversation former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos had with an Australian diplomat in 2016.

While Republicans say the document is clear evidence of partisan bias at the DOJ and the FBI, Democrats say it contains significant omissions and inaccuracies that mischaracterize the intelligence community’s work.

Here’s the full memo:

House Democrats’ response to Nunes likely fills gaps and adds context to the initial memo.

The House Intelligence Committee voted on February 5 to unanimously to approve the release of a Democratic rebuttal memo authored by ranking member Adam Schiff.

The Democratic memo focuses mainly on pushing back against the Nunes memo’s characterization of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe’s testimony before the committee last year, and its claim that the dossier was the sole basis for the Page FISA application, two sources on the House Intelligence Committee told Business Insider.

It will also dispute Republican claims that the DOJ and FBI concealed critical information about the dossier’s funding from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) when submitting the Page FISA application. Moreover, it will shed light on the FBI’s “pre-existing focus” on Page that was underway long before the DOJ applied for the warrant, a source told Business Insider

A new memo by Sen. Chuck Grassley backs up some of Nunes’s claims and tries to discredit the author of the Trump-Russia dossier.

On February 6, Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, released the declassified version of a January letter in which he and fellow committee member, Sen. Lindsey Graham, referred Steele to the DOJ for criminal charges stemming from his contacts with the media.

While the letter seems to confirm some of the claims made in Nunes’s memo about the centrality of the Trump-Russia dossier to the FISC warrant application, it undercuts two key allegations made in it as well.

Whereas the Nunes memo states that the court was unaware that the memo was politically produced, Grassley’s letter says investigators did inform the court of that fact, although they did not specifically disclose the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign’s involvement.

In addition, Grassley’s letter contradicts Nunes’s allegation that a September 2016 Yahoo News article was wrongfully presented as corroborating evidence for the Trump-Russia dossier, and writes that the FBI did not argue the article could be used as supporting evidence for the dossier. The revelations implies the court approved the Page warrant based on information outside of what was in the dossier.

Here’s the full memo:

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WEC boss defends changing date of Fuji round to accomodate Alonso

World Endurance Championship boss Gerard Neveu has defended the decision to bring the Fuji round forward a week, saying it could not afford to let Fernando Alonso miss the event

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Watch Scott Dixon testing IndyCar's new aeroscreen protection device

Ride onboard at 190mph with Chip Ganassi Racing’s Scott Dixon as he tests the new IndyCar aeroscreen that the series hopes will protect drivers from cockpit intrusion in future

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