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Pietro Fittipaldi seals 2018 Coyne IndyCar deal including Indy 500

Formula V8 3.5 champion Pietro Fittipaldi will join the IndyCar grid for 2018, having signed a part-time deal to race with Dale Coyne Racing

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Grosjean: Haas F1 team must stop 'losing months' with upgrades

Romain Grosjean believes getting fully on top of its aerodynamic development programme and not losing time with unsuccessful upgrades is crucial for Haas in the 2018 Formula 1 season

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H&M Accused of Ripping off Australian Musician Harvey Sutherland in New Ad


Swedish fashion giant H&M has been accused of ripping off Australian musician Harvey Sutherland in a recent advertisement.

The Melbourne producer took to socials today to accuse the company of using his song ‘Bamboo’ in their new video for H&M Magazine’s feature on blue jeans, without his approval.

Sharing screenshots of his interaction with H&M’s Instagram account, Sutherland wrote, “Yo H&M maybe send me a message when you get a sec?”

The screenshots also show the official H&M Instagram account commenting that the song used in the clip was “specifically produced for us to use in this add [sic]”. Sutherland can be seen telling H&M to message him so they can “make a deal”.

You can watch the blue jeans ad above (you’ll have to swipe over to the second panel), and then compare it to Harvey Sutherland’s ‘Bamboo’ down below. The Fashion Spot has contacted H&M for comment.

This isn’t the first time H&M has caused controversy with a musician this year. Back in January, Canadian singer The Weeknd parted ways with the company over a “deeply offensive” advertisement featuring a black child model.

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A Newly Identified Wasp Species Is Being Called “The Freddy Krueger Wasp”

A Newly Identified Wasp Species Is Being Called “The Freddy Krueger Wasp”

We all know that wasps are to be avoided as they can inflict painful stings. Some wasp stings are more painful than others, but any wasp that has been named “the Freddy Krueger wasp” has to be bad news. A previously undocumented species of wasp possesses a series of jagged spines along its back. These jagged designs are used by the wasp to break free from its host. You would think that a wasp with such bizarre features would have been documented by scientists by now. However, this wasp is as small as a sesame seed, which makes them hard to spot in the wild. In fact, nobody has ever spotted one of these wasps in the wild.

The Freddy Krueger wasp has been officially named Dendrocerus scutellaris. These wasps are known for inhabiting Costa Rica, but no record of this wasp being located in the wild currently exists. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University have recently managed to locate a specimen that has been kept in storage ever since 1985 at London’s Natural History Museum. The researchers were able to learn many things concerning how this wasp lives in its own habitat. The wasp was also determined to be a parasitoid species based on its anatomical features. Parasitoids are insects that lay their eggs in a host-organism. Usually this organism is another insect. Once the wasp larvae hatch they eat their way out of the host and will eventually consume the entire body of the host once food supplies become low.

This wasp is only three millimeters long and it does not possess the pointed mandibles that most parasitoid insects use to escape their host’s bodies. Instead of using its jaws to escape from its host, the Freddy Krueger wasp uses its serrated body. Although these wasps sound like a nightmare, they are usually harmless to humans. As a matter of fact, Penn State researchers believe that this wasp could be useful for pest control purposes. These wasps could protect crops by preying on well known and highly destructive crop pests, such as aphids.

Do you think that Freddy Krueger wasps will be used for pest control purposes in the future?

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Nepal’s Climbing Sherpas Are Finally Getting Their Summit Certificates

Amidst all of the controversy surrounding the new climbing regulations passed by the Nepali Council of Ministers late last year, there was one bright spot. Those new rules indicated that the climbing Sherpas who accompanied their clients to the summit of Everest or other major peaks, would at long last get climbing certificates that would make their accomplishments official. Now,…

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One deputy killed, 4 people injured in Colorado Springs shooting

colorado springs

  • One deputy was killed and four other people were injured during a shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • The slain deputy was investigating a vehicle theft.
  • The suspect was killed at the scene.

One deputy has been killed and three law-enforcement officials were injured during a shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Monday afternoon, according to the Denver Post.

Deputy Micah Flick of the El Paso County Sheriff’s office was killed by a male gunman during a vehicle theft investigation, Sheriff Bill Elder said in a press conference, according to ABC News. Flick, whose 11th anniversary at the sheriff’s department was on Monday, was 34-years-old and is survived by his wife and 7-year-old twins.

Two deputies, a Colorado Springs police officer, and one civilian were also injured, ABC News reported.

The alleged gunman was reportedly killed at the scene and there were no additional suspects.

The shooting happened east of The Citadel Mall and dozens of law-enforcement vehicles responded to the incident, the Post reported.

Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado expressed his sympathies for “these brave, selfless heroes” on Twitter and said that his “heart breaks for this deputy and his family.”

Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado also offered his condolences and offered support for those “who put their lives on the line to protect our communities.”

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NOW WATCH: North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is 34 — here’s how he became one of the world’s scariest dictators

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MotoGP reveals electric bike for 2019 MotoE World Cup

MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports has launched its new all-electric support class, the FIM MotoE World Cup

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