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Toyota's Al-Attiyah tops longest test as Sainz edges to Dakar win

Toyota’s Nasser Al-Attiyah beat Peugeot rival Stephane Peterhansel to top the longest timed special of the 2018 Dakar Rally, as Carlos Sainz edged closer to overall victory

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Formula E won't replace cancelled Montreal 2017/18 season finale

Formula E will not replace its cancelled Montreal double-header and will end a 12-race season in New York in mid-July

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Fran Summers Stars on Vogue Italia’s Digital-Inspired January Cover

Vogue Italia sure does love a themed issue. After December’s ‘The Celebration Issue‘ featuring a host of models, the magazine now gives us ‘The Restarting Issue’ for its first issue of 2018. Emanuele Farneti makes newcomer Fran Summers the magazine’s cover girl, photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Max Pearain in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton. Despite an agreeable cover shot, Vogue Italia’s juvenile art direction evidently needs a whole lot of work.

Vogue Italia January 2018 : Fran Summers by Craig McDean


Per usual, our forum members weren’t afraid to make their feelings clear. “Gorgeous photo! Looks quite dated but it’s alright. Enough with their terrible art direction! Can’t believe people are paid for this. And ‘restarting issue’? They’re clearly running out of ideas,” said MON.

“Back to 2006 with this cover, even the contrived internet references…” added YohjiAddict.

“While I get the idea VI is going for with the ‘restarting’ (new year, new approach and all that) the inclusion of the Mac computer elements are unnecessary and distracting from what is a good photo,” commented sweetpop.

Also not here for it was forum member Nymphaea: “Not my cup of tea. Looks artsy and made by someone whose IQ and taste is rather low.”

“They need to stop these themes where they just slap random computer graphics on perfectly fine images. They did it with the December issue. The digital idea was way more successful for the March [2017] issue because Meisel shot it,” declared orchidee.

“Isn’t it time you all collectively get over Meisel?” asked KissMiss.

Tigerrouge fired back: “I’ll get over Meisel when fashion itself gets over referencing the past in everything it puts forward.”

“It’s not my favorite cover under the new editor but certainly not the worst, and I actually don’t mind the whole restarting thing if it’s simply a reference to the new year,” reasoned 333101.

See what else the issue has to offer and join the debate here.

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Biting Insects May Be Responsible For The Extinction Of Dinosaurs

Biting Insects May Be Responsible For The Extinction Of Dinosaurs

Today it seems that the cause of dinosaur extinction is no longer shrouded in mystery. Many scientists agree that dinosaurs went extinct due to an asteroid’s violent impact with earth. However, not all scientists agree that this was the cause. In any case, one thing is for sure, a serious global catastrophe must be responsible for dinosaur extinction, right? Of course we hear about alternative theories that are commonly entertained, such as the ice age or volcanic eruptions, but one theory is not so common. One entomologist has recently published a book accusing biting insects of causing dinosaur extinction.

When it comes to the possible causes of the dinosaur extinction, scientists typically refer to one single event. According to entomologist George O. Poinar, the extinction of dinosaurs was gradual and not sudden. Poinar believes biting insects and arachnids killed-off dinosaurs by spreading a deadly disease. Early biting insects that may have been responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs include mosquitoes, mites, ticks and biting flies.

Poinar found a biting insect encased in amber that dates back to the Late Cretaceous period. A DNA analysis of the insect’s gut contents revealed that it was carrying a deadly disease called leishmania. This disease still exists today and it causes disease in humans and other vertebrates. Poinar also found another fossilized insect that contained a form of malaria that kills modern birds and lizards. Poinar has also noted that fossilized dinosaur feces have been found containing parasitic worms and single celled organisms that result from infection. Poinar has stated that other biological catastrophes certainly helped to wipe out vast dinosaur populations in the distant past, but these events alone could not have been the sole cause of extinction. Poinar insists that infection was the primary driver behind the eventual dinosaur extinction. Poinar has also claimed that dinosaur DNA can be extracted from insects that are found fossilized in amber. This scenario is reminiscent of the film Jurassic Park. Many experts view this DNA extraction method as impossible and purely a matter of science fiction.

Do you believe that vector-borne disease may have wiped out the dinosaurs since the human race is also threatened with extinction from the vector-borne disease?





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Video: 130 Years of National Geographic Covers in Under 2 Minutes

Many of us who have a thirst for outdoor adventure and exploration can trace the origins of that curiosity back to National Geographic magazine, which has been an iconic part of our lives for more than a century. The monthly periodical with is broad yellow border and astounding photographs has stirred the imagination of generations of readers. In this video, we take a 130-year tour of magazine,…

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The NYC truck attack suspect is seeking a plea deal to accept a life sentence and avoid the death penalty

nyc truck attack halloween

  • The New York City truck attack suspect is seeking a deal that would exchange a guilty plea for prosecutors’ guarantee that he will not face the death penalty.
  • Sayfullo Saipov faces 22 federal charges, including eight counts of murder and one count of supporting a terrorist organization.
  • Saipov’s defense team argued in a letter that a swift plea deal will spare the victims’ families the need to undergo a lengthy death penalty trial and subsequent appeals.

Sayfullo Saipov, the man accused of killing eight and injuring 11 when he drove a rented pickup truck down a Manhattan bike path last Halloween, is seeking a plea bargain that would leave him imprisoned for life if prosecutors agree not to seek the death penalty.

“The Government expresses concern about the victims’ and the public’s need for closure in this case, but the most straightforward way to achieve closure would be for the Government to accept a plea of guilty and a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole,” a letter filed to federal court on Wednesday by Saipov’s defense attorneys said.

They argued in the letter that such a plea deal would spare the victims’ families the need to participate in a death penalty trial and potentially undergo “years of appeals and other post-conviction litigation as required by the Constitution in the event of a death sentence.”

Saipov faces 22 federal charges, including eight counts of murder in the aid of racketeering activity, 11 counts of attempted murder in the aid of racketeering activity, one count of providing material support and resources to the terrorist group ISIS, and one count of violence and destruction of motor vehicles.

Each of those counts carries a maximum sentence of the death penalty, though it’s unclear if prosecutors will seek it or if they will be amenable to a plea bargain.

Terrorism cases that involve the death penalty are rare, especially in New York, but some legal experts have voiced concerns that pressure from the Trump administration could sway the prosecution’s decision.

sayfullo saipovThe deadly attack began in the afternoon of October 31, when prosecutors say Saipov drove a rented Home Depot pickup truck onto a busy Manhattan bike lane, veering into his victims and colliding with a school bus before jumping out and brandishing two guns that were later determined by police to be fake.

Saipov was arrested after being shot in the abdomen by a police officer shortly after the crash.

Saipov later admitted to authorities that he wrote a note found near the crashed truck, which was written in Arabic and said the Islamic State would endure forever, according to a criminal complaint.

He said he was was motivated to carry out the attack after watching a video featuring ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi asking what Muslims in the US were doing to respond to the killing of Muslims in Iraq.

Saipov also asked during his interview with authorities if he could display the ISIS flag in his hospital room after the attack. He told them that “he felt good about what he had done,” the complaint said.

In the immediate aftermath of the October attack, President Donald Trump publicly and repeatedly demanded that Saipov be sentenced to death.

“NYC terrorist was happy as he asked to hang ISIS flag in his hospital room. He killed 8 people, badly injured 12. SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY!” Trump said on Twitter.

He continued: “Would love to send the NYC terrorist to Guantanamo but statistically that process takes much longer than going through the Federal system … There is also something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crime he committed. Should move fast. DEATH PENALTY!”

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McLaren and Toro Rosso reveal 2018 Formula 1 car launch dates

McLaren has announced that its new Renault powered MCL33 will be unveiled on February 23, the week before Formula 1’s 2018 pre-season testing begins

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Dupont and Comtoyou Racing first entrants for World Touring Car Cup

Belgian driver Denis Dupont has become the first driver to announce his participation in the new World Touring Car Cup for 2018

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