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Autosport launches new MotorMarket.com platform

The global motorsport market, reckoned to be worth in excess of $25 billion annually, received a significant boost today as Motorsport Network announced the launch of MotorMarket.com, an online trading platform that brings together buyers and sellers of products and services for the global motorsport industry

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HMS Racing reveals new Alfa Romeo Giulietta for 2018 BTCC season

HMS Racing has taken the wraps off its new Alfa Romeo Giulietta British Touring Car Championship challenger at Autosport International

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Same Concept, New Designer and Photographer for Chloé’s Spring 2018 Campaign

In the latest game of designer musical chairs, Natacha Ramsay-Levi showcased her debut collection for Chloé during Paris Fashion Week in September and now her first advertising campaign for the French label just dropped. Still easily identifiable as Chloé, a bevy of models, including Alex Mark, Charlene Högger, Eliza Cummings, Fran Summers, Hayett McCarthy, Jing Wen, Line Kjaergaard, Makala Johnson, Radhika Nair, Rianne van Rompaey and Sophie Koella, come together for the feminine, fresh Spring 2018 campaign.

Chloé S/S 2018 by Steven Meisel


Since we half suspected the images were shot by someone like Charlotte Wales, our forum members were shocked to learn that Steven Meisel was behind the lens. “This was shot by Meisel? Seems like Natascha wanted to start off with a bang, but the actual campaign is a bit disappointing. And I also hate when girls are used as backdrops. Jing deserves her own shot,” fumed forum member mathiaskatz at once.

“For me, it’s a waste to use Meisel and to keep the same concept they have had for almost more than a decade now,” Lola701 pointed out.

Also dumbfounded was guimon, posting, “Meisel? Really? I can not believe it! This is so dull and the cast is so not Meisel!”

GERGIN couldn’t believe it, either. “I would have guessed it was maybe Charlotte Wales again but I’m surprised how well blended the concept is in comparison to past season? Although his traditional studio shots are more than welcome, especially for a brand like Chloé,” he said.

“Surely this can’t be by Meisel? It lacks his precision and focus that’s even present on the laziest of his shoots,” said Fiercification.

“Well… Meisel’s already shot half the campaigns this season so at least one dud is to be expected,” laughed GivenchyHomme.

Chloé S/S 2018 by Steven Meisel


Chloé S/S 2018 by Steven Meisel


Check out more from Chloé’s Spring 2018 campaign and join the conversation here.

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Considering The Lack Of Vegetation In Deserts, How Can Desert Termites Find Food?

Considering The Lack Of Vegetation In Deserts, How Can Desert Termites Find Food?

Since termites are the most ancient of all living social insects, it makes sense that they evolved into several different species that can inhabit various types of ecosystems. Despite the evolutionary success of termites, it is difficult to imagine termites surviving in the desert. After all, termites eat cellulose found in wood and plant matter. Sources of sustenance are not easy to come by in a desert. However, there are plenty of different termite species that dwell in deserts. In the United States, the Sonoran desert is home to subterranean termites, dampwood termites, and drywood termites. It may be hard to believe, but if all native desert termites were removed from their habitat, then massive amounts of plant debris would litter vast desert landscapes. Without desert termites, deserts would look entirely different.

While it is true that desert environments are not conducive to most forms of vegetation, desert termites are well adapted to survive in arid conditions. Deserts are not completely free of vegetation. Grassy savannas can be found in tropical deserts, and even the most arid deserts contain patches of dead grass. Dead cactus skeletons provide another source of cellulose for desert dwelling termites. In the Sonoran desert termites can also consume Palo Verde wood, Mesquite wood and dung. Termites are particularly important to the Sonoran desert environment, as wood-eating fungi cannot grow as a result of this regions excessively arid climate. This makes termites the only hope for clearing the Sonoran desert of dead wood, cactus skeletons and other forms of vegetation.

If the Sonoran desert were to become littered with dead plant matter, then new plants would not be able to grow. This alone would be enough to kill nearly all animal species dwelling in desert ecosystems. The desert soil also needs nutrients in order to nourish plant life. These nutrients are all contained in dead plant matter, so the plant matter must be converted into usable nutrients. This is exactly what termites do for desert ecosystems. By consuming dead plant matter, termites are recycling unusable nutrients into usable nutrients for desert soil. To put it one way, without termites deserts would not exist as they do today.

Do you believe that desert ecosystems would collapse without native desert termites?

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Video: How to Train Like Kilian Jornet

Want to know how to train like the best mountain runner in the world? This video can help! It gives us an intimate look at how Kilian Jornet trains for the events and expeditions that he takes part in, providing some insights into how he is able to accomplish the things he does. As Kilian himself says at the beginning of the clip, he is 30 years old and has essentially been training for 30 years….

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A US investigation is underway after footage of a soldier firing into what appears to be a civilian truck surfaces online

Screen Shot 2018 01 10 at 6.01.18 PM

  • The US is investigating video footage that shows a soldier firing a shotgun through the window of a possible civilian truck.
  • US Central Command is looking into whether the troops violated the rules of engagement.

US Central Command is launching an investigation to see whether its troops violated the rules of engagement after video footage of what appeared to be a service member firing into a civilian truck surfaced online.

The video, first reported by Politico, contains a compilation of wartime clips it says were captured in Afghanistan. The clips are synced to rapper Kendrick Lamar’s song, “Humble.” An anonymous user reportedly uploaded the video, titled “Happy Few Ordnance Symphony,” and was said to have quickly removed it from YouTube.

The scene in question begins with the service member riding in an armored vehicle that passes a truck. The service member, who already had a shotgun-type weapon trained at the driver’s side of the truck, fires a round through the driver’s window.

Based on the footage, it was not clear whether the driver was hit, or if the rounds were non-lethal, special operations veterans who examined the footage said in the report. Various rounds, such as a bean-bag type round, are in circulation in the military to pacify crowds or breach doors and windows.

The context of the clip, which lasts only about one second during the 3:09 minute montage, was not clear, given the absence of related footage before and after the shooting.

“The amateur video posted on a public website gives us serious concern,” US Central Command commander Gen. Joseph Votel said in a statement to Politico. “The video in question is not official, not authorized and does not represent the professionalism of the service members of US Central Command.”

Votel added that CENTCOM “will take appropriate actions as a result of this investigation.”

Scenes from the montage also reveal that the service members may have been special operations forces or embedded with Afghan commandos, based on unit patches, relaxed uniform standards, and the wide range of weapons they had at their disposal — including Javelin anti-tank missile launchers and rotary machine guns.

Similar montages of wartime scenes have come under scrutiny. In the past, both private military companies and US troops have been criticized for firing their weapons indiscriminately in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I can assure you that this video does not represent the professionalism or humanity of the men and women of US Central Command,” Votel continued. “We reject the unprofessional and callous message this video conveys.”

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