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Fernando Alonso reveals special helmet design for Daytona 24 Hours

Two-time Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso has revealed a new helmet design he will use for his first attempt at the Daytona 24 Hours this month

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BMW DTM newboy Eriksson gets DS Virgin Marrakech Formula E test run

New BMW DTM driver Joel Eriksson will test with DS Virgin Racing in Formula E’s rookie test in Marrakech this month

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Neel Jani splits with Dragon team after one Formula E weekend

Formula E rookie Neel Jani has split from the Dragon Racing team after just one race weekend in the series

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Bella Hadid Returns to Max Mara for the New Spring 2018 Accessories Campaign

Bella Hadid must be shifting a whole lot of product for Max Mara since the brand has invited her back to front the latest accessories campaign. Bella had a remarkable 2017, with more magazine covers than any other model (or actress) and multiple ad campaigns for major fashion brands — and it seems 2018 is looking just as bright. Bella proves every inch her worth in the new Max Mara images, shot in the studio by Steven Meisel and styled by Carine Roitfeld, sporting a dewy makeup look and a wet hairstyle throughout.

Max Mara Accessories S/S 2018 : Bella Hadid by Steven Meisel


Despite the team’s best efforts on set, our forum members weren’t too impressed with the outcome. “I guess Meisel really loves the Hadid sisters. I can’t help but think how amazing Grace Elizabeth would have looked in this. I like Bella, but she’s just not the type of girl for these ‘vintage/classy’ kind of shoots,” wrote guimon.

“She doesn’t look her best here. It’s like if she has seen a ghost!” Lola701 said.

“Wonder when the Hadid hype will end. They have no life in their face,” slammed thatsfierce.

Anlabe32 agreed, writing, “Here face is/looks frozen. It could have been much better with a model with some charisma.”

“This girl has NO FREAKIN´ RANGE! No emotion, no skill, nothing NADA. Gosh, I’m so annoyed to see her lifeless face in ad campaigns or covers because she brings NOTHING to the jobs she’s booked on, and yet again she does hundreds of jobs where REAL models could bring way wayyyyyy more charisma,” complained Bertrando3.

Benn98 felt the same way. “This is just so unappealing! Model, styling, photography. But I must add that a different model may have lifted this. I used to think Bella is a better model than Kendall and Gigi, but based on this campaign, I now doubt it. Her magazine work for lesser photographers is more exciting.”

Max Mara Accessories S/S 2018 : Bella Hadid by Steven Meisel


Wait and see what the rest of the campaign brings and join the conversation here.

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Rats! Cold Weather Drives Rodents Inside Vehicles

Sneaking into cars is rather easy for rodents, as mice and rats can fit through holes as small as a dime and a quarter, respectively. Steering columns, vents, pedal shafts and other openings serve as the main access points into vehicles for these intruders. Upon gaining entry, rodents commonly use insulation as nesting material and wires, tubes and circuitry as meals, leading to short circuits and other electrical problems.

Aside from costly car repairs, rodents can compromise human health by spreading disease and causing respiratory issues. To mitigate this imminent threat to both drivers and their vehicles, Arizona Pest Control recommends the following prevention tips:

  • Seal up points of entry into garages using a silicone-based caulk, steel wool or a combination of both.
  • Check under the car hood for gnawed materials, droppings, nests and frayed wires.
  • Maintain a clean car by promptly wiping up spills, and disposing of paper, fast food bags and other trash in a sealed receptacle.
  • Consult with a professional automobile mechanic if signs of a rodent infestation are found.
  • Consider partnering with a licensed pest control professional to ensure an infestation doesn’t spread from the car to the home.

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The man held hostage with his family by the Taliban for 5 years faces 15 criminal charges after his return to Canada

joshua boyle

  • Joshua Boyle, who was freed with his family from years-long Taliban captivity in October, was arrested Monday and faces 15 criminal charges in Canada.
  • He is accused of assault, sexual assault, unlawful confinement, among other offenses.
  • Boyle’s American wife, Caitlan Coleman, told Canadian media that his alleged crimes were ultimately a result of the trauma he experienced in captivity.

The Canadian man formerly held hostage in Afghanistan with his family for five years by Taliban-linked militants was arrested and charged in a Canadian court on Monday with 15 offenses, including assault, sexual assault, and unlawful confinement.

Joshua Boyle, 34, his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, and their three young children born in captivity were rescued in October by Pakistani security forces following a bloody shootout that left five of their Haqqani network captors dead.

The charges Boyle faces include eight counts of assault, two counts of sexual assault, two counts of unlawful confinement, one count of uttering death threats, one count of causing someone to “take a noxious thing,” and one count of misleading police, according to court documents obtained by Canadian media.

Each of the offenses police accuse Boyle of committing occurred after the family’s return to Canada in October. A court-imposed publication ban prevents any of the alleged victims from being identified.

FILE PHOTO A still image from a video posted by the Taliban on social media on December 19, 2016 shows American Caitlan Coleman (L) speaking next to her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle and their two sons.   Courtesy Taliban/Social media via REUTERS/File Photo   Coleman said in a statement to the Toronto Star that Boyle’s alleged actions were largely the result of trauma he had experienced in captivity. She said she couldn’t speak about the specific charges, however.

“I can’t speak about the specific charges, but I can say that ultimately it is the strain and trauma he was forced to endure for so many years and the effects that that had on his mental state that is most culpable for this,” she said.

“Obviously, he is responsible for his own actions,” she continued, “but it is with compassion and forgiveness that I say I hope help and healing can be found for him.”

Boyle’s brother Dan also told the Star on Tuesday that his family wants Boyle to receive mental health treatment. He added that Coleman and the couple’s children are doing fine despite the “hell” they endured for years.

Boyle and Coleman’s rescue made international headlines several months ago after their dramatic rescue and descriptions of the “Kafkaesque nightmare” they endured in captivity. Coleman said she had been raped by her captors, held in an underground prison, and given a forced abortion.

Boyle had also prompted some criticism upon the family’s release after he refused to have his family board a US transport plane that American officials had arranged for the family.

Boyle remains in police custody and will appear in an Ottawa court on Wednesday, the Star reported. His lawyer told the newspaper that he is “eager to see” the evidence against Boyle.

“Mr. Boyle is a young man who we all know has been through a lot. He has never been in trouble with the law,” the lawyer, Eric Granger, told the Star in an email.

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