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Felipe Massa a 'remarkable' reference for Williams F1 team in 2017

Felipe Massa was a consistently great reference point to ensure Williams was getting the most out of its 2017 Formula 1 car, says chief technical officer Paddy Lowe

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Honda F1 gains in 2017 'something to be proud of'

Outgoing Honda F1 chief Yusuke Hasegawa says the Japanese manufacturer can be proud of its engine development rate during the 2017 Formula 1 season

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Red Bull may be 2018 Formula 1 title favourite – Daniel Ricciardo

Red Bull could be the favourite for the 2018 Formula 1 world championship if it can avoid another slow start to the season, says Daniel Ricciardo

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16 Patterned Pieces to Keep Your Wardrobe in Check

Plaid is everywhere this time of year. After all, nothing feels more Christmasy than a red and green plaid jacket. But we prefer to broaden our horizons a bit. Thankfully, the fall collections agreed, offering up plenty of checks to balance out our winter wardrobes.

Checks and plaids were the pattern du jour for Fall 2017. Balenciaga Fall 2017, Loewe Fall 2017, Off-White Fall 2017

Balenciaga Fall 2017, Loewe Fall 2017, Off-White Fall 2017; Images: Imaxtree

The wider-spaced weave popped up on quite a few runways. At Balenciaga, it helped stabilize one of Demna Gvasalia’s off-center outsize coats that street style stars fawn over. Loewe gave the pattern some edge with leather strappy accents providing a 3-D effect. While Off-White tripled-down on checks, but broke things up with a bright blue hoodie.

Checks appeared on more Fall 2017 runways than we could count. Emporio Armani Fall 2017, Coach 1941 Fall 2017, Mara Hoffman Fall 2017

Emporio Armani Fall 2017, Coach 1941 Fall 2017, Mara Hoffman Fall 2017; Images: Imaxtree

Emporio Armani riffed on the traditional black and white checked pattern by adding in pops of red and variations on width. Coach’s came in earth-tone shades, often covered up by furry outerwear. And Mara Hoffman was all about matching separates with her tops and bottoms coordinating and clashing at the same time.

Checks on the street. The street style set cashing in on the check tren

The street style set cashing in on the check trend; Images: Imaxtree

Out on the street, showgoers for both the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 collections embraced checked pieces. From the classic blazer, slightly oversized to suit the current climate, to grunge-era multicolored button-downs and even a skirt/pant hybrid, they certainly checked all the boxes.

The great thing about checks is they feel fresh no matter the season (so they will still work in your wardrobe come spring). Check out 16 of our favorite checks and plaids in the slideshow below. Wear the dresses with turtlenecks and tights for now; pair the blazers and trousers with crop tops after mid-April.

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Without A Queen Entire Ant Colonies Would Die

Without A Queen Entire Ant Colonies Would Die

You don’t need an expert entomologist to tell you that queen ants are important to an ant colony. But how important? What would happen if a Queen died? How do queen ants often die? Although it goes without saying that queen ants are important, most people are not aware of what happens when queen ants die. Queen ants have only one job, and that is to reproduce. So how would that lead to the death of every single individual ant within a queenless colony? Well, of course not all ants within a colony die immediately upon a queen’s death. But without new colony members, an ant colony will disappear within a short amount of time.

Queen ants can produce millions of workers. Queen ants could be considered the hardest workers within colonies, and queen ants are built for the labor. Queens are more than twice the physical size of the smallest workers in a colony, and they are significantly larger than the largest workers. You have probably noticed that ant bodies are divided into three different segments. There is the head, the second segment and then the third segment. The queen’s third segment is much larger than her second segment. This makes sense given that workers originate form this segment of a queen’s body. Ant colonies can contain multiple queens, and sometimes extra queens are considered to be a form of colony infestation. Argentine ant colonies, for example, can contain hundreds of queens. However, one single queen is considered the norm for many ant species, such as carpenter ants.

As you could have accurately guessed, ants do not live long lives compared to humans. So how can an ant colony die out if one single queen ant dies? Queen ants actually live much longer than their offspring. Many queen ant species live to be thirty years old, or more. Surprisingly, ant workers can cause the destruction of colonies in which they belong. This happens when worker ants kill off numerous queens. Much of the time, the workers are aiming to kill all queens except for one single queen. Worker ants often seem to prefer colonies ruled by one single queen. However, sometimes the workers will lose themselves in the violence and end up killing all queens in a colony. In these cases, the colony soon dies-out due to an insurrection gone wrong.

Do you think that worker ants prefer to operate under one queen as opposed to multiple queens because colonies with one queen operate more efficiently?



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Video: The Off-Season with Emelie Forsberg

How does a world-class athlete spend her off-season? Why relaxing as much as possible, just like the rest of us. In this video, we join Emelie Forsberg as she travels to Tenerife in the Canary Islands for a little down-time between her trail running season and the start of the ski mountaineering race season. Of course, her holiday isn’t all about just relaxation, as you’ll see in this…

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Trump grants clemency to an Iowa meatpacking exec convicted in a fraud case

sholom rubashkin trump clemency

  • President Donald Trump granted clemency to Sholom Rubashkin, a former Iowa slaughterhouse executive who was sentenced to 27 years in prison in a fraud case.
  • Rubashkin was convicted in a fraud case in 2009, and was sentenced to 27-years in prison.
  • The decision had bipartisan support, including from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah.

President Donald Trump granted clemency to Sholom Rubashkin, an Iowa slaughterhouse executive convicted in a 2009 fraud case and sentenced to 27 years in prison. Trump commuted Rubashkin’s sentence, effectively cutting short the original sentence of which he served eight years.

Rubashkin is the former CEO of Agriprocessors, a large kosher meatpacking company that was raided in 2008. Federal agents arrested hundreds of people in the raid, some of whom were found to be living and working in the US illegally.

According to multiple local and national news media reports about the Agriprocessors raid, prosecutors later accused Rubashkin of falsifying financial documents which he allegedly used to secure a multimillion-dollar credit line. A St. Louis-based bank lost $27 million as a result of the fraud, USA Today reported.

Trump’s decision to commute Rubashkin’s sentence had bipartisan support, including from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, according to a White House statement released on Wednesday.

More than 100 US attorneys general, judges, and other judicial professionals signed a letter to Trump in February, pleading for clemency on Rubashkin’s behalf.

“Mr. Rubashkin is a devoted husband and father, a deeply religious man who simply doesn’t deserve a sentence of this length, or anything remotely close to it,” the letter read.

The statement added that Rubashkin — a first time, non-violent offender and father of 10 — was sentenced for longer than the “median sentences for murder, kidnapping, sexual abuse, child pornography and numerous other offenses exponentially more serious than his.”

Last December, a former deputy attorney general who served under President Bill Clinton wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post claiming that Rubashkin’s sentence was based on “perjured testimony and prosecutorial misconduct.

Calls for Rubashkin’s release were heightened last year after former President Barack Obama granted clemency to 231 inmates in one day.

In August, Trump granted a presidential pardon to the former Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff Joe Arpaio who was found guilty of criminal contempt.

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