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BRDC British F3 champion Ahmed closes on 2018 Hitech Euro F3 deal

BRDC British Formula 3 champion Enaam Ahmed appears to be closing in on a deal to move up to the F3 European Championship in 2018

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McLaren Formula 1 team feared Honda would cause a staff exodus

Eric Boullier admits he was concerned staff would leave McLaren when it became clear in pre-season Formula 1 testing that Honda would struggle for third successive year

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Grand Prix Drivers' Association gets 100% F1 driver membership

The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association says it has achieved unity for the first time in recent history with 100% membership among Formula 1 drivers

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Kiss Dry, Flaky Lips Goodbye With These Top-Rated Lip Scrubs

True or false: Lip scrubs are a necessary step in your skin care routine. If you answered true, you’d be correct. After all, you exfoliate your face for softer, smoother skin — why leave your lips out of the equation? A great lip scrub can help prevent chapped lips and help prep your lips for a better, longer-lasting lipstick application. And if you want a super soft pout, use a soft baby toothbrush to apply the scrub (Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver swears the brush will also plump up your pucker). Here, the best lip scrubs and exfoliants for your smoothest lips ever.

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How Do Cockroaches Pick Up Speed So Quickly?

How Do Cockroaches Pick Up Speed So Quickly?

Anyone who has ever spotted a cockroach can likely attest to the fact that they are great at picking up speed and making an effective getaway from a rolled-up newspaper. So how do roaches manage to become so speedy when they need to? It turns out that roaches can actually change the way their legs move in order to pick up speed. Those who have spent time around horses know that horses use their legs differently when trotting as opposed to galloping. This is exactly what roaches do. Most insects likely have one setting at which their legs function. Roaches are special in this regard, as researchers have recently discovered. In fact, roaches are the first insects in history that have been found to change their own movements from a crawling mode to a running mode.

This discovery was made by Tom Weihmann of the Institute of Zoology at the University of Cologne in Germany. Weihmann and his colleagues used the roach species known as Nauphoeta cinerea to demonstrate this change in movement. The experiment started by first removing the roach’s wings so they could not fly. Then the roaches were placed on a fifty centimeter long racetrack. The researchers induced the roaches into movement by pushing them with puffs of air, or by tickling their legs with a paint brush. The researchers noted that the initial stages of movement involved a sort of leg movement known as the “tripodal gait”. This form of movement occurs when one set of legs shows two legs moving at the same time as one single leg on the other set. One side of a roach showed two legs making contact with the ground while the other side showed one leg making contact with the ground simultaneously. This form of movement is ideal for maintaining a relatively brisk speed while also retaining balance. However, at greater speeds, the tripodal gait can result in wobbling and an eventual loss of balance. The roaches avoided this loss of balance when accelerating by switching to a form of movement that is known as the “metachronal gait pattern”. This pattern involves the same legs on each side of a roach moving sequentially from front to back. This switch in movement allowed the roaches to move much faster while maintaining balance. Although roaches are currently the only insects that are known for “phase-shifting”, Weihmann believes that many other insects resort to the same styles of acceleration. This study may also help engineers to construct more balanced walking robots.

Have you ever witnessed another insect accelerate, as opposed to maintaining a constant speed?


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Video: To the South Pole with the Energy Challenge Team

I’ve written about Rob and Barney Swan a couple of times during the current Antarctic expedition season, but this video does a good jog of sharing their story. This father and son team are skiing to the South Pole to help raise awareness of renewable and clean energy sources. But in this clip, it’s more about the relationship between the two men, who are spending weeks out on the ice together on…

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A Roy Moore campaign spokesman appeared to be speechless when a CNN host said elected officials don't have to be sworn in on the Christian Bible

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  • A campaign spokesman for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” for an interview with Jake Tapper on Tuesday.
  • He seemed to suggest that members of Congress would have had to swear on the Holy Bible and appeared speechless when Tapper corrected him.

As the final hours of Alabama’s special election came to a close, Ted Crockett, Republican candidate Roy Moore’s campaign spokesman, appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” for an interview with Jake Tapper on Tuesday.

Tapper questioned Crockett on several of Moore’s controversial statements, including why he believed Muslims would be ineligible to serve in Congress — a topic on which Moore opined in 2006, after Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota became the first Muslim member of Congress and used Thomas Jefferson’s Quran for his swearing-in ceremony.

“Because you have to swear on the the Bible,” Crockett said. “I had to do it, I’m an elected official.”

“You have to swear on a Bible to be an elected official in the [US],” Crockett continued. “He alleges that a Muslim cannot do that ethically, swearing on a Bible.”

Tapper responded: “You don’t actually have to swear on a Christian Bible. You can swear on anything, really. I don’t know if you knew that. You can swear on a Jewish Bible.”

“Oh no, I swore on the Bible, Crockett said. “I’ve done it three times, Jake.”

Tapper replied: “I’m sure you have, I’m sure you’ve picked a Bible. But the law is not that you have to swear on a Christian Bible. That is not the law.”

After Tapper’s last comment, Crockett did not respond.

Tapper appeared to nudge the interview forward: “You don’t know that?”

“I know that Donald Trump did it when we made him President,” Crockett finally said.

Tapper replied: “Because he’s Christian and he picked it. That’s what he wanted to swear in on.”

Several US presidents have been sworn in on other sacred texts for their respective ceremonies. For instance, President John Quincy Adams is assumed to have placed his hand on the Constitution.

“Some might care less about making the oath more effective, and more about using the oath to reinforce traditional American values, in which they include respect for the Bible … over other holy books,” UCLA Law professor Eugene Volokh wrote in an op-ed in 2006, amid the backlash from Ellison’s decision.

“Yet this would literally violate the Constitution’s provision that ‘no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States,'” Volokh continued. “For the devout, taking an oath upon a religious book is a religious act. Requiring the performance of a religious act using the holy book of a particular religion is a religious test. “

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Busch's extended Stewart-Haas deal for 2018 NASCAR season announced

One-time NASCAR Cup champion and 2017 Daytona 500 winner Kurt Busch has confirmed his renewal with Stewart-Haas Racing for the 2018 season, as predicted by Autosport

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