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Thed Bjork becomes 2017 WTCC champion in Qatar season finale

Volvo driver Thed Bjork clinched the 2017 World Touring Car Championship in Qatar in the final race of the season, which was won by Esteban Guerrieri

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Renault development driver Rowland to attend Suzuka Super Formula test

Renault Formula 1 development driver and Formula 2 star Oliver Rowland is to attend next week’s Super Formula test at Suzuka

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Qatar WTCC: Honda's Guerrieri on pole, trouble for Michelisz

Esteban Guerrieri secured pole for the Qatar World Touring Car Championship season finale, while Thed Bjork profited from an issue for rival Norbert Michelisz to increase his points advantage

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7 Best Flat Irons That Won’t Damage Your Hair

As much as we adore beach waves and voluminous, bombshell curls, sometimes we’re in the mood to go sleek. The timeless elegance of shiny, perfectly straight hair somehow makes us feel instantly powerful and put-together, without a hair out of place (literally).

Taming our not-naturally-straight hair into something resembling supermodel sleekness is easier said than done, however. It requires a good blow dry cream, heat protectant, straightening brush and, of course, a trusty flat iron to finish the look. If it’s been a while since you shopped for flat irons, you’ll be surprised to see how far they’ve come in the past decade. Today’s best flat irons are safer for hair than ever before and offer features like multiple heat settings, ionic technology, damage protection and faster heating time. Many also come with advanced hair care features like titanium, ceramic or keratin-infused plates. Add to that a wide range of prices and shopping for the best flat irons can be quite confusing.

That’s where we come in. We’ve talked to experts, analyzed ratings and browsed customer comments to find the best flat irons for every budget. Click through our picks above and get ready for gorgeous, shiny, sleek hair in minutes.

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Do Flies Ever Get A Chance To Sleep?

Do Flies Ever Get A Chance To Sleep?

Although some people may not care whether flies sleep or not, more curious minds have likely pondered this question at some point. Flies always seem to be busy flying about. It is hard to imagine a fly catching some Zzz’s. This question has apparently been asked before by serious-minded scientists, as researchers from the University of Queensland actually conducted a study in order to find out if flies sleep or not.

Although it may surprise many of you, flies do in fact sleep. Just like humans, flies even require sleep in order to function properly. However, flies sleep at varying intervals. Flies sometimes sleep deeply, whereas other times flies will only take a short light nap. Flies require more sleep if they expend substantial amounts of energy, and this energy is not always spent solely by flying around. For example, studies show that when the learning pathway in fly brains is activated during the day, the need for sleep becomes that much more necessary. When flies use their tiny brains, they will end up indulging in much deeper sleep than normal. Also like humans, flies will sleep during the nighttime hours. Surprisingly, flies do not necessarily search for sleeping areas that are safe from predators. Flies have been found sleeping on curtains, on walls, on ceilings and even on floors. Flies will sleep literally anywhere, just as long as the sleep is occurring at night. Flies likely feel safe sleeping anywhere during the night for the obvious reason that predators cannot locate them quickly. Also, even during deep sleep, flies will likely wake up when predators approach.

Since most people do not appreciate the presence of flies within their homes, people could eliminate flies by learning where they sleep. Maybe flies can dodge a rolled up newspaper during sleep, but residents of a household could make some areas less hospitable to flies looking for a place to sleep. However, in most cases, homeowners will either have to act quickly and swat them, or simply wait for them to die.

Have you ever spotted a fly that you suspected of sleeping?

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Video: Taking on the Infamous Cobra Crack in Squamish

For crack climbers, the infamous Cobra Crack in Squamish, British Columbia is considered one of the most challenging climbs anywhere in the world. It is a nemesis that Mason Earle knows all too well, having spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out his massive challenge. This past summer, he returned to Squamish to give it another go. Does he finally figure out what it takes…

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The mysterious death of a border patrol agent may have been an accident, Texas sheriff says, not an attack as Trump suggested

border patrol flag

  • The death of Rogelio Martinez, a 36-year-old border patrol agent, has prompted speculation of an “attack” and fueled calls from top Republicans for increased border security.
  • A Texas sheriff who responded to the November 18 incident, however, said it’s more likely Martinez and his partner were sideswiped by a tractor-trailer.
  • The unions aren’t accepting that explanation.

The sudden, mysterious death of a border patrol agent that some have blamed on undocumented immigrants or drug traffickers was more likely a truck accident, a Texas sheriff said.

Rogelio Martinez, 36, died November 18 shortly after first responders found him and his partner badly injured near a drainage culvert along Interstate 10 in Van Horn, Texas. Authorities said both men suffered traumatic head injuries, and that Martinez’s partner has no memory of the incident.

Top Republicans — including President Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and the state’s Gov. Greg Abbot — immediately seized on Martinez’s death as evidence that the US-Mexico border is insufficiently secured. They called his death an “attack” or an “ambush.”

“Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt,” Trump tweeted November 19. “We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!”

But Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo, who was one of the first responders to the scene on the night of the incident, told the Dallas Morning News that he believes it’s more likely that a tractor-trailer accidentally sideswiped the two agents as they stood near the culvert.

rogelio martinez border patrolOfficials from the federal Customs and Border Protection agency have said that Martinez and his partner were “responding to activity” near the culvert before they were injured.

Interstate 10 — the southernmost cross-country highway in the US — is just feet away from the culvert. Carrillo said it’s heavily traveled by truckers, and such accidents are common.

“If this was an assault, believe me, as sheriff, I’d be the first one out there emphasizing safety in our community and with our deputies, pairing them up,” Carrillo told the newspaper. “But from what I know and see, that was not the case here.”

Labor unions representing border patrol agents have told media that Martinez and his partner were attacked with rocks.

“The injuries to Martinez could not have happened the way the media has been trying to portray,” Stuart Harris, vice president of the Border Patrol Council Local 1929, told the Dallas Morning News. “Agent Martinez was ultimately murdered. The agents were tracking footprints and were ultimately ambushed, and assaulted by, I don’t know who, but it could have been illegal immigrants or drug traffickers.”

Harris added that the injuries Martinez sustained were “far more severe” than an accident could have caused, and he said he doubted that the same accident could happen to both agents.

The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward for information that could lead to the case’s resolution. Special agent-in-charge Emmerson Buie Jr. said at a press conference that the incident is being investigated as a “potential assault” but they could not rule out other causes.

Carrillo said he is eager to see what Martinez’s full autopsy report will reveal, though the El Paso medical examiner’s office said it may take weeks.

“Just because you die doesn’t mean all is lost,” Carrillo said. “The body can tell a story.”

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