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Cozy-Cool Leggings Outfits, Because Pants Are Highly Overrated

There are a lot of fashion leggings in existence right now. What are “fashion leggings,” you ask? They’re leggings that you can wear to the gym, but also to dinner with family, a night on the town with friends and maybe even to a Giambattista Valli show, given the designer’s newfound affinity for Nike.

Yes, leggings, those seemingly innocuous spandex bottoms that have found themselves banned from an Evanston, Illinois middle school and at the center of a United Airlines controversy, have been fully embraced by the fashion set — and not just for purposes of travel. Even Karl Lagerfeld, denouncer of sweatpants, showed kneecap leggings — albeit sequin-embellished ones — at Chanel’s 2016 Metiers d’Art show. Stateside, style soothsayer Kim Kardashian has a new go-to uniform: some form of barely-there top, coordinating leggings (capri or full length; velvet, glitter or matte, depending on her mood) and (again, if it suits her) a longline, strong-shouldered blazer of the four-figure, hard-to-find, vintage variety.

And Giambattista, Karl and Kim aren’t the only ones championing the leggings-as-pants trend. Over the past few seasons, various designers, stylish celebrities and industry insiders have made the case for putting our off-duty leggings to work, welcoming the body-con bottoms into the ever-growing athleisure fold. Generally speaking, the chicest outfits with leggings play with proportion and lean heavily on accessories. (When tight-fitting bottoms are involved, a voluminous or well-structured top is needed to balance things out.) See what we mean in the slideshow above, bench your suffocating high-waist denim, take your leggings to the streets.

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40 Random Thoughts After a Wild Weekend At Phoenix

1.     When you wreck the Most Popular Driver, you get booed and called a “dirty driver.” When the Most Popular Driver wrecks you back two weeks later, he is praised for “standing up for himself.” Do not attempt to make sense of these two statements.
2.     Most NASCAR fans are less interested in what happened than who did it.
3.     That’s because “fan” is short for “fanatic” and fanatics are generally not the most logical people on the planet.
4.     Fans root with their hearts, not their heads. And that is a wonderful thing, even though it makes them a little crazy sometimes.
5.     Hang around this sport long enough and you will hear the words, “Red flag! The wall is on fire.”
6.     Kevin Harvick is lurking like a vulture on a low branch right now. He’s not the hottest driver in NASCAR, but he might be the hottest driver on Sunday night. And that’s all it takes.
7.     Of all the drivers I expected to see shed tears in Victory Lane, Matt Kenseth was ranked 272,603rd. And it was awesome.
8.     Kenseth and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., arrived in NASCAR at the same time. And it is somehow fitting that they appear set to leave together, as well.
9.     I hate the fact that Kenseth is effectively being forced out of his ride, in favor of a younger driver. And if I was Joe Gibbs, I would almost certainly make the exact same call.
10.  Complaints are a dime a dozen. Solutions are tougher to come by.
11.  All you Hendrick-haters, enjoy it while you can. Because Jimmie and Chad aren’t going to take this lying down.
12.  Father Time is undefeated.
13.  During driver introductions, the best thing to hear is cheering. The worst thing to hear is not booing, however. It is silence.
14.  Kenseth telling “Dad Jokes” in the post-race press conference? Pure gold.
15.  Those who dislike the “winner take all” championship format at Homestead Miami Speedway are too young to remember when the late Dale Earnhardt showed up at Atlanta Motorsport Speedway for the season finale wearing the champion’s leather jacket he earned two weeks earlier.
16.  Or when Jimmie Johnson showed up at Homestead Miami Speedway needing to finish 27th to clinch the title. #Exciting
17.  Trevor Bayne hit the wall so hard, it hurt ME.
18.  There are two kinds of NASCAR fans; those who say they get charged-up by the wrecks, and liars.
19.  Brad Keselowski is playing with house money this weekend at Homestead. And that should worry the competition.
20.  Daniel Hemric and Cole Custer raced their asses off Saturday in Phoenix — with a playoff berth on the line — and nobody got wrecked. Nicely done, boys.
21.  My guy is a saint. Your guy is a jerk. Nothing will ever change those facts, so stop expecting it.
22.  This sport needs more guys like Landon Cassill and Matt DiBenedetto. You know… goofy.
23.  “What goes around, comes around” is more than just a cliché. It is the truth, especially in a sport as volatile and testosterone-rich as stock car racing.
24.  Avoid clichés like the plague.
25.  Ryan Blaney is going to be a huge star in this sport.
26.  The same goes for Kyle Larson, Erik Jones, William Byron, Daniel Suarez and a bunch of other kids under the age of 23.
27.  In fact, I’m not sure NASCAR has ever been as flush with outstanding young talent as it is today.
28.  No offense, but remember when guys like Kevin Conway won Rookie of the Year in the Cup Series just by showing up for some of the races?
29.  Austin Cindric is an aggressive, rookie driver whose exuberance and desire to win sometimes put his fellow competitors at risk. This pisses of some of those fellow competitors, who did exactly the same thing when they were rookies.
30.  Many of those fellow competitors seem to be harboring grudges against young Mr. Cindric, which is disconcerting for anyone betting on him to win the 2017 Camping World Truck Series championship this weekend at Homestead Miami Speedway.
31.  Is it just me, or does William Byron have that “All American Boy” thing, down-pat?
32.  If Chase Elliott wins the season-finale at Homestead, it’ll be okay with me. The kid’s due.
33.  Denny Hamlin winning would be good for a few extra storylines, as well.
34.  And while we’re at it, Brendan Gaughan parking it in Victory Lane in what is (almost certainly) his final NASCAR start would also be a bit of a heart warmer.
35.  JR Motorsports has quietly assembled an Xfinity Series dynasty. Compared to where they were five years ago, three cars in the Championship Four is an amazing achievement.
36.  Kyle Busch is getting along with everyone this season, and contending for a championship. Those two statements have something to do with each other.
37.  In sports, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you earn. If that were not true, Martin Truex, Jr., would be a MENCS champion by now.
38.  And Elliott Sadler would have a half-dozen Xfinity titles on his mantle.
39.  You cannot feud with your fellow drivers and win a championship at the same time.
40.  Austin Cindric, read No. 39 again.

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Climate Change May Already Be Causing Mosquito-Borne Epidemics In Some Countries

Climate Change May Already Be Causing Mosquito-Borne Epidemics In Some Countrieslogo-70

For people living in developed countries in the western world, insect-borne diseases may not seem like a big concern. In the west medical care is more readily available to citizens, living conditions are relatively sanitary and public health concerns are well addressed by an abundance of experts. However, there are plenty of countries in the world today where mosquito-borne epidemics did not seem likely to occur either. As a result of climate change, climatic catastrophes are increasing around the world. Just recently the state of Texas has seen dense swarms of mosquitoes around the Corpus Christi area as a result of the recent hurricanes. Luckily, public health officials are working hard to coordinate public health measures in order to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. A region of the world that has been hit particularly hard is southeastern Asia. The country of Vietnam is currently undergoing a crisis, as an epidemic of dengue fever has gripped the populace. The epidemic first hit the country in the weeks following several violent hurricanes that ravaged the country during the late summer months. During the past week alone ten thousand Vietnamese citizens have become infected with the mosquito-borne illness known as dengue fever. The recent dengue outbreaks have been exhausting Vietnam’s medical resources.

Dengue fever is common in the southeastern region of Asia, but the amount of infected individuals represents at least forty two times the amount of victims who succumbed to the disease last year in the country. So far nearly ninety one thousand citizens of Vietnam have become infected with dengue. Seventy six thousand of these individuals have been hospitalized, and twenty four have died from the infection. According to the Vietnamese government’s Ministry of Health, the rapid influx of dengue infections comes as a result of higher temperatures, higher humidity levels, increased amounts of rain and rapid urbanization that allows mosquitoes greater access to humans. Unfortunately, there are currently no cures for the four different strains of the dengue virus. Treatment can be effective at reducing symptoms and involves the use of antibiotics.

Do you believe that more western researchers should focus on finding vaccines for mosquito-borne diseases that are more common in other parts of the world?

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Video: A Journey Through The Largest Cave on Earth

Located in a remote corner of Vietnam, Son Doong Cave is the largest cave system in the entire world, stretching out for more than 5 km (3.1 miles) underneath the surface of the Earth. But it is not just its length that is impressive, as the massive cave features a series of chambers that are a sight to behold. In this fantastic video we’ll delve deep underground to witness this place for…

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A Trump judicial nominee didn't disclose that he is married to a White House lawyer

Brett Talley

  • One of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees failed to disclose that he is married to a lawyer in the White House counsel’s office.
  • That nominee, Brett Talley, was asked on a disclosure form whether he had any family members who could pose a conflict of interest.
  • Talley is nominated to an Alabama district court.
  • He is one of a handful of Trump’s nominees to be rated as “not qualified” by the American Bar Association.

A 36-year-old lawyer whom President Donald Trump nominated for a lifetime federal district judgeship and was deemed “not qualified” by the American Bar Association failed to disclose that he is married to a top White House lawyer when asked to disclose conflicts of interest, The New York Times reported Monday.

Brett Talley, nominated by Trump to an Alabama vacancy, failed to disclose his marriage to Ann Donaldson, a senior lawyer in the White House Counsel’s office, on public congressional documents. Donaldson is chief of staff to White House counsel Donald McGahn. Asked to list any family members who were “likely to present potential conflicts of interest,” Talley didn’t mention his wife.

Donaldson was recently interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators about detailed notes she kept on her conversations with McGahn, which included discussions the two had about the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, The Times reported. Mueller’s team is investigating whether Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey. Mueller was appointed as special counsel after Trump fired Comey earlier this year. The probe into possible obstruction of justice is a part of Mueller’s wider investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Talley, one of just a small handful of judicial nominees to get the “not qualified” rating from the American Bar Association since 1989, was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week on a party-line vote and could be confirmed by the full Senate as soon as this week.

‘Talley has betrayed his obligation to be open and transparent with the Senate and American people’

In a statement following The Times story, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, said Talley’s failure to disclose the marriage was a betrayal to the American people.

“I’ve already stated my opposition to Brett Talley’s nomination to be a federal judge in Alabama,” she said. “He’s wholly unqualified for this lifetime position. But by failing to disclose that his wife is one of President Trump’s lawyers, Talley has betrayed his obligation to be open and transparent with the Senate and American people.”

Talley is one of Trump’s most controversial nominees. A Harvard Law School graduate who serves as a deputy assistant attorney general at the Justice Department, he has come under criticism from Democrats for never having tried a case, receiving the rare “not qualified” ABA rating, and writing comments online such as, “Hillary Rotten Clinton” from his now-private Twitter account.

The White House has pushed back on the “not qualified” label.

“Mr. Talley served as deputy solicitor general for the state of Alabama, currently serves in the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy and was recommended by Alabama’s US senators,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement to The Times. “He is more than qualified to serve in the federal judiciary.”

Talley is the fourth of Trump’s judicial nominees to receive a “not qualified” rating from the ABA — the second to receive the rating unanimously. Nearly 8% of Trump’s nominees screened by the ABA have received the “not qualified” label, a much higher rate than the judicial nominees of past presidents, such as Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Trump has, somewhat under the radar, moved to reshape the federal judiciary at lightning speed. His rapid pace of nominations and confirmations to the federal bench highlight an area in which Trump has worked to secure an early legacy. The president was faced with an extraordinary number of vacancies on both district and circuit courts after Obama’s term. In September, Trump hit 65 combined nominations between appeals courts, district courts, the US Tax Court, and the US Court of Federal Claims.

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Brad Keselowski's NASCAR Homestead title shot feels 'like Christmas'

Penske’s Brad Keselowski says scraping through to the 2017 NASCAR Cup championship shootout with a 16th-place finish at Phoenix feels “like Christmas”

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Marc Marquez's mum asked Johann Zarco to take care in MotoGP finale

Johann Zarco says he was asked by Marc Marquez’s mother ahead of Sunday’s Valencia MotoGP title decider to “take it easy” and not risk a collision with the eventual champion

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Pirelli F1 personnel escape unharmed from Brazil robbery attempt

Brazilian Grand Prix organisers are likely to face further questions regarding security during the Formula 1 race weekend after another attack on Sunday night

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