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Edward Enninful’s First British Vogue Cover Is Finally Here — and It’s Stunning!

The wait is over: Edward Enninful’s debut cover as editor-in-chief of British Vogue is here. Ever since Condé Nast announced his appointment back in April, our forums have been rife with speculation as to who might score the December cover — and we called it. Fronting the newly unveiled (and utterly divine) cover is model-of-the-moment Adwoa Aboah. In addition to the wonderful casting, the legendary Steven Meisel came on board to photograph the cover story with Enninful himself taking up the role as stylist. In the electrifying, vintage-inspired cover image, the current face of Marc Jacobs Beauty wears a look from Jacobs’ Spring 2018 collection.

UK Vogue December 2017 : Adwoa Aboah by Steven Meisel


Our forums erupted with excitement. “This is so beautiful. It looks like a vintage cover but there is something so fresh about it. Adwoa looks so glamorous! The colors, the lighting, the framing and the styling are all gorgeous; everything works perfectly together,” applauded LastNight.

“I love this! It looks so vintage and GLAM!” praised Khabeer.

“Amazing! Love the retro glam look, even I like Adwoa in this. Finally, Meisel shows up after months being absent from magazines. I wish his collaboration with UK Vogue will be regular and become his new playground for his talent,” projected fierrousa.

Youarearockstar was quick to express the same enthusiasm. “This is incredible – simple as that,” he declared.

Also giving the cover a standing ovation was Miss Dalloway: “Now THAT is how you usher in a new era of Vogue!! BRAVO Edward, it’s sublime and everything I hoped for!”

“Wonderful cover. Gorgeous and full of glamour! And shot by Meisel!” voiced fashionlover2001.

“BY STEVEN MEISEL. Those are the only words I need to see on that cover,” sighed a delighted tigerrouge.

Velasco couldn’t believe his eyes either. “W-O-W. Now THIS is a makeover! This cover is giving me life! Looking forward to the contents,” he gushed.

Stay tuned for more from Enninful’s debut issue of Vogue (set to feature a 14-page cover story of Adwoa by Steven Meisel). Add your own two cents here

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Do Not Remove Termite Mud Tubes Yourself | Termite Control Tucson

Do Not Remove Termite Mud Tubes Yourself | Termite Control Tucson

For those of you who are homeowners, termite infestations may be a frequent concern. Of course natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes can do a number on your property as well. But new homeowners are more apt to concentrate on the possibility of natural disasters instead of termite infestations when choosing an insurance plan. Since many insurance companies do not focus on termite related damages, some homeowners assume that termites are not much of a threat. If inexperienced homeowners find signs of a termite presence on their property, they may attempt to remove the termite presence themselves without the assistance of a professional. For example, subterranean termites are the most damaging termites in the United States. These termites create mud tubes that lead into people’s homes. These mud tubes are the most common signs of termite activity. Some homeowners may believe that destroying these mud tubes means preventing an infestation. In many of these cases, homeowners will not bother with contacting a pest control professional, especially if the mud tubes never reappear in the same location. You should not be surprised to learn that removing mud tubes on your own and without professional assistance is a bad idea.

If you happen to find mud tubes on your property, then never remove them yourself, even if you plan on contacting a pest control professional later on. Once a mud tube is destroyed, termites have no problem creating another. The problem is that another mud tube may appear in a new location that is hard to find, even for a professional. There is also no way of telling if a homeowner has destroyed the only mud tube that exists on his/her property. Sometimes, after a mud tube is destroyed, termites may continue to inhabit property under the ground, but they will wait before building another mud tube to be cautious. This could cause termites to return long after a termite inspection. If you find a mud tube on your property, then be sure to contact a pest control professional immediately.

Have you ever discovered a mud tube on anybody’s property before? If you have, did you destroy the mud tubes?

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Video: Magical Norway – Fjords and Auroras

The title of this post pretty much says it all. This video takes us to Norway to explore the enchanting landscapes there, which are of course filled with plenty of fjords and skies aglow with the aurora borealis. Every time I watch a video like this one, I’m reminded of why I need to get to Norway at some point. It truly does look magical.

MAGICAL NORWAY from Morten Berg on Vimeo.

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Philadelphia's super progressive candidate explains why he's running for the head of law enforcement after 30 years suing police

Philadelphia LarryKrasner (92 of 97)

  • Civil rights attorney Larry Krasner is running for district attorney in Philadelphia, an important election in the city that voters are deciding Tuesday.
  • As a civil rights attorney, Krasner spent his career suing police for civil rights abuses, defending activists, and fighting to change the criminal justice system.
  • Krasner says he decided to run, at 56-years-old, “because there’s stuff going on on the inside that is hard to fix from the outside.”

By the end of the day Tuesday, civil rights attorney Larry Krasner could be Philadelphia’s next district attorney.

The DA is a powerful position in Philadelphia, a city with the highest rate of incarceration, the highest poverty rate, and the third highest violent crime rate of the US’s 10 most populated cities.

Krasner is an atypical candidate for DA. At 56, he is pursuing elected office for the first time after a 30-year career defending radical activist groups like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Philadelphia. He’s also sued police for civil rights violations more than 75 times.

His opponent, Republican Beth Grossman, spent more than a decade in the DA’s office and has run on her experience with the position.

While Krasner has been criticized by some for his lack of insider experience, he has gained a rabid following in Philadelphia among the city’s activists, liberals, and leftists. They’ve all thrown their support behind his campaign platform calling for the end of “mass incarceration,” the constellation of state and federal policies that have put more than 2 million Americans behind bars.

Business Insider recently followed Krasner on the campaign trail during the waning weeks of his campaign.

One of our biggest questions was why, after a career fighting outside the system, he decided it was time to take it over.

Here’s what Krasner said:

“I have — like a lot of civil rights lawyers, like a lot of activists — been beating my head against the wall of the DA’s office and the [Philadelphia] police department for a long time because the DA’s office in Philly was not enforcing the law against police. Somebody had to do it.

I’m not a fan of bullies, and a small portion of the police department were behaving like bullies. So I felt that somebody had to prosecute them, which is essentially what I did by filing civil rights lawsuits against them. I used the only tools in the toolbox to essentially be a private prosecutor against civil rights violations and corruption and brutality on the part of police. I’ve been doing that for a long time. And activists have been doing that for a long time and we’ve done some good.

But ultimately if you never break down the wall, you may have to go through the door, because there’s stuff going on on the inside that is hard to fix from the outside.

So having been a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer for 30 years, I watched this election with my usual level of dismay because I didn’t see any great candidates popping up … And the rest of [the candidates during the primary] frankly were, at best, progressive-lite, more like faux-progressives who had not shown in their careers or in their dealings with me — and I dealt with a lot of them personally — who had not shown attention for reform … I just figured this is ridiculous. Somebody real has got to get into this because these people aren’t going to change anything.”

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