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Aston Martin returns to Blancpain GT pro class in tie-up with Arden

The British Arden squad is joining forces with a Swiss entrant to mount Aston Martin’s first pro class assault on the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup in seven years

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Kurt Busch working to get new NASCAR deal with Stewart-Haas

Kurt Busch says he is working on a deal to remain at Stewart-Haas Racing for the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series, despite being told it would not renew his contract

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Autosport Podcast: FE 2017/18 preview – can anyone stop di Grassi?

The latest edition of The Autosport Podcast previews the 2017/18 Formula E season, which kicks off with a double-header in Hong Kong this weekend

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Venturi partners with Mercedes specialist HWA for 2017/18 FE season

Venturi has partnered with Mercedes specialist HWA for the 2017/18 Formula E season

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How Aussie Actress Gemma Forsyth Unwinds After a Day on Set

A day in the life of Australian actress Gemma Forsyth can be a tough grind. Sure, she might have spent a lot of her on-screen time camped out on a magical mermaid-ruled island, in her role as Evie McLaren on fave Aussie TV show Mako Mermaids, but life back home isn’t always as serene as mermaid island life. Sometimes, a girl just needs to unwind.

That’s where Samsung’s Sound+, comes in. With its simple and sleek design, the new soundbar fits seamlessly into Gemma’s elegantly-styled Bondi home, making relaxing after a long day on set that much easier.

Plus, she explains, the Sound+’s all-in-one design means there’s no need to find space for an extra subwoofer – an added bonus for a certain someone who loves a boogie in her living room on occasion and has been known to trip over pesky, errant cables!

theFashionSpot caught up with Gemma at her Bondi home recently, to find out how Samsung’s Sound+ works for her – whether she’s listening to music, watching a movie or researching for an upcoming role.

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Curious About Which Insects Like to Crawl Into Your Body?

Curious About Which Insects Like to Crawl Into Your Body?

We’ve all been told that spiders will often crawl inside your mouth at night. You’ve likely also heard about cockroaches crawling into people’s ears and noses, with one of the more interesting stories involving a cockroach that managed to crawl inside of a woman’s sinuses and had to be pulled out still alive through her nostrils. But don’t think that those are the only creatures that might decide to crawl into one of your orifices. You may find you need to guard against many other creepy crawlies that want to snuggle up inside of your body. Heck, that place is warm! It’s perfect for the winter!

Your ears seem to be a very popular entrance for different insects to invade. While us Americans may not have to worry as much about an invasion due to our clean homes that protect us from all sorts of things that go bump in the night, people in other countries such as Africa are not so lucky. One hospital in South Africa reported that in the span of only two years 24 people came in needing some kind of insect removed from their ears. These insects included ten German cockroaches, eight flies, three beetles, one tick, one horribly smashed moth, and one assassin bug. As you can see roaches are the most common, likely because they are always on the lookout for food and earwax is one tasty treat for a cockroach wanting a midnight snack. Considering all the other insects that also gravitate towards the ears, earwax may be considered a delicacy my many insects.

Another unfortunate area where invaders might turn up is your rectum…yep, that one. Some leeches are known to crawl into pretty much an orifice they can get access to, including your eyes, vagina, urethra, in addition to your rectum. Few species are able to brave the human rectum, but flies are another insect that seem drawn in that direction. Flies will consume human flesh by laying eggs inside an area such as your rectum, which then hatch into maggots. And flies are not picky when it comes to how they access that flesh. Maggot infestations are common enough that the problem even has its own medical term, myiasis, which has been reported by doctors throughout human history. Oddly enough, other insects have been found in the colon and digestive tract, including ants, ladybugs, yellow jackets and even wasps. I do not even want to know how that last one happened.

Have you or someone you know ever found an insect inside one of your orifices? Where was it and how did you get it out?

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Video: Iceland – Tears of Heaven

After posting a great video from Iceland yesterday, I would typically wait a bit before sharing another clip from the same country. But this one is just too good to hold back, as it once again provides stunning views of a country that is brimming over with opportunities for adventure. Shot over the course of 26 days, the video takes us across Iceland from north to south, sharing some hidden…

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The bitcoin exchange Coinbase has been ordered to hand the IRS info on 14,355 of its highest-rolling customers


  • On Wednesday, a court ordered Coinbase to hand over information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about users that made transactions over $20,000 between 2013 and 2015.
  • That request includes information on 14,355 Coinbase customers across 8.9 million transactions, according to the court order. 
  • The order comes nearly a year after the IRS first requested records on all of Coinbase’s transactions between 2013 and 2015 as part of its efforts to catch tax evaders.

Just hours after wild fluctuations in bitcoin prices put Coinbase’s servers on the fritz, the cryptocurrency exchange is facing a new challenge: the US government. 

Coinbase must turn over information about thousands of its users to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a US district court ruled on Wednesday.

As one of the leading exchanges for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether, Coinbase has seen billions of dollars exchanged on its platform— some of which the IRS believes is not being accurately reported by taxpayers.

The court order requires Coinbase to hand over info on all customers who made a transaction worth $20,000 or more between 2013 and 2015. Coinbase has estimated that this request would total 8.9 million transactions between 14,355 different account holders, according to the court order.  

Among the information requested are the names, birth dates, addresses, tax IDs, transaction logs and account invoices of the Coinbase users.

That sounds like a lot of information but it’s actually a major narrowing from the IRS’s initial summons in November 2016, which sought information about every single transaction on the exchange during the period. Coinbase argued that this was an invasion of its customers’ privacy. The company initially ignored the request, before the IRS filed a petition to enforce the summons in March of this year. 

An “unprecedented victory for the industry”

A blog post from Coinbase Wednesday celebrated the ruling as a partial success, calling it an “unprecedented victory for the industry.” 

“The government’s own lawyers noted at the hearing that the IRS is not accustomed to having to fight for records in this context, and most companies just turn records over without going to court,” David Farmer, director of business operations at Coinbase, wrote in the blog.

Farmer wrote that the final number of people whose records were ordered on Wednesday is 97% lower than when the IRS first requested information.

Despite the celebration, Farmer suggested in the blog that Coinbase may not obey the request, or may challenge the order further. “In the event that we ultimately produce the documents under this Court order, we intend to notify impacted users in advance of any disclosure,” Farmer wrote. 

Wednesday’s court order denied Coinbase’s request for an “evidentiary hearing,” which Coinbase could have used to argue that the IRS showed bad faith in requesting the documents it asked for. 

Bitcoin is one of the most popular iterations of blockchain technology. Find out exactly how blockchain works with Business Insider’s special explainer.

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Suter reverses Moto2 withdrawl, supplies Forward Racing for 2018

Forward Racing has announced that it will use Suter bikes in the 2018 Moto2 season, despite Suter recently announcing its departure from the series

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Old F1 logo wasn't iconic or memorable – Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn says that changing Formula 1’s logo was a “major priority”, and that its predecessor was neither iconic or memorable

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