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Felix Rosenqvist returns to Macau with Ferrari GT World Cup drive

Formula E frontrunner Felix Rosenqvist’s return to Macau to compete in the FIA GT World Cup for the first time has been confirmed by the Scuderia Corsa Ferrari team

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Ashley Graham, Susan Sarandon and More Cover British ELLE’s Wonder Woman Issue

Since kickstarting her tenure at British ELLE with a striking Cara Delevingne cover for September, Anne-Marie Curtis continues to do innovative and inspiring things for the magazine. Her October cover featuring a Rihanna reprint outshone the publication’s American counterpart and now the new issue for November 2017 looks to be another success. Continuing with the bold and well-received redesign, Curtis presents four diversity-embracing covers featuring Ashley Graham, Alek Wek, Susan Sarandon and Beth Ditto for the new “Wonder Woman” themed issue.

UK Elle November 2017 : The Wonder Woman Issue


The covers received a lot of attention on our forums. “This is the first time I am in love with Ashley’s work in print. The other covers are also great,” expressed a delighted fluxxx the moment the covers dropped.

“What a lovely set of covers, love the new ELLE UK! Of course, Alek is my favorite, but I’m really impressed by Ashley’s cover: definitely not your typical cover shot! Nice work,” congratulated forum member apple.

“Lovely images of all of them. Good job, ELLE UK!” kenndale exclaimed.

Gazebo was also quick to show the magazine some love. “Wow at Ashley serving! For me, she totally outshines all the rest. She looks like a contemporary pin-up girl. This cover is the epitome of voluptuousness,” he raved.

“Ashley Graham’s cover is all I want to see on the shelves. She looks sensational, full of energy and allure — so alive!” said vogue28.

“Amazing! Every cover looks stunning except Beth. In fact, each of these women should’ve had their own month. It’s not just the art direction which got a lift, but also the refinement. Ashley’s cover looks sexy yet so tasteful,” Benn98 added.

Happycanadian commented, “Every cover is sublime. Alek’s is just incredible, though! That smile is pure magic.”

UK Elle November 2017 : The Wonder Woman Issue


See more from British ELLE‘s new issue, let us know which cover you prefer and join the conversation here.

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Scorpions Use Different Venom Cocktails Depending On The Type Of Animal They Are Attacking

Scorpions Use Different Venom Cocktails Depending On The Type Of Animal They Are AttackingDesert Pests

You would think that scorpions only inject their victims with one single type of venom. However, researchers have known for a while that scorpions contain three different subtypes of venom. The three different toxic chemicals that make up scorpion venom may be mixed in ways that either reduce or or increase the potency of their venom. For example, if a scorpion is hunting its prey, which are insects, then they will likely use a mix of venom that is strong enough to kill a small insect, but not strong enough to kill a mammal. Since scorpion predators are often mammals, then scorpions will likely have to use a particularly potent mix of chemicals in order to subdue large predatory mammals during defensive attacks. Do scorpions change the composition of their venom in order to match the animals that they are attacking? Does scorpion venom change composition depending on the relative dangerousness of their environments? Or is the particular composition of chemicals in a scorpion’s venom fixed? In order to answer these questions Dr Jamie Seymour from James Cook University’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine has conducted some clever experiments.

Seymour’s team also included ecologists, chemists, and physiologists from the graduate school. The team of scientists separated scorpions into different groups. One group was placed in an environment with a dead cricket, and another group was placed with a live cricket. The third group was placed with a mammal that resembled a mouse. The stuffed mouse was lifelike and simulated threats against the scorpion.

Not surprisingly, the researchers discovered that the scorpion exposed to the mammalian threat produced a venom cocktail that was more lethal to mammals. The scorpion’s venom also contained less of a chemical that would be more effective at killing insects. The different venom compositions did not necessarily mean that some were more potent than others; instead some particular blends of venom were more effective at attacking particular types of nervous systems. Based on these results Seymour and his colleagues demonstrated that scorpions, and probably other organisms, can change the composition of their venom in response to a threatening environment.

Do you think that the change in venom composition is immediate or gradual in scorpions?



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Video: How to Choose a Stand-Up Paddleboard

I have to admit, I was one of those people who thought that stand-up paddleboarding would be just a fad that would fade away fairly quickly. Now, years later the sport continues to grow, drawing more people in all of the time. If you’ve already tried paddleboarding, and now find yourself ready to invest in a board, this video is for you. It comes our way courtesy of REI and shares some tips for…

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Federal judge in Hawaii blocks Trump's 3rd travel ban

donald trump

A federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday granted a temporary restraining order against President Donald Trump’s third travel ban, just hours before it was set to take effect at midnight on October 18.

Trump issued a proclamation last month restricting travel to the US from nationals of eight countries, including Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, Chad, Libya, and North Korea.

Those restrictions came after the first two iterations of the travel ban, which targeted majority-Muslim nations, faced court challenges.

Trump’s newest proclamation, issued on September 24, replaced the outright ban with travel restrictions tailored on a country-by-country basis.

One of the lawyers on the case, Neal Katyal, tweeted, “We have just won.”

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Ex-Ferrari man Marmorini assisting Aston Martin on F1 project

Former Ferrari engine chief Luca Marmorini is working with Aston Martin as part of its evaluation of a Formula 1 project for 2021

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Mercedes F1 team goes aggressive on Mexican Grand Prix tyre choice

Mercedes has opted for a more aggressive approach than its main Formula 1 rivals with its tyre selection for upcoming Mexican Grand Prix

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