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Tony Kanaan switches to AJ Foyt's IndyCar team for 2018

Tony Kanaan has signed a multi-year contract to drive for AJ Foyt Racing in the IndyCar Series from 2018

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Behold: The 20 Ugliest Looks of the Spring 2018 Runways

Fashion month has come and gone, and we’re happy to hang our hats till February. And while, season after season, we make it a point to round up the more covetable fashion trends, this time around we thought, why not give some of the — errr — less-than-aesthetically-pleasing, not-so-commercially-viable Spring 2018 looks their due?

And there were quite a few. In some cases, poor decision-making led to designs that had us thinking “how?” and “why?” and “wtf?” as we gazed on in disbelief. Other times, the tacky, ill-proportioned clothing was clearly meant to provoke. (We’re living in the heyday of ugly-cool, do-it-yourself fashion and Alessandro Michele, Demna Gvasalia and Christopher Kane are beyond willing to champion the cause.)

So, with a little help from a biting (but eloquent) thread in our forums in which members reflect on the worst ensembles they’ve seen on the catwalk, we compiled 20 of the ugliest** looks from the Spring 2018 collections. Enjoy them all in the gallery above. Warning: high-fashion garbage bags, lime green acid wash and some confusing tweed-patent pants lie ahead.

**For the record, we don’t use the word “ugly” to disparage any of the designers. Many of these pieces exhibit incredible craftsmanship and shared the runway with truly impressive collections. It’s just that…well, you’ll see.

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Wasps Can Literally Scare Their Prey To Death

Wasps Can Literally Scare Their Prey To Death

Some young adults choose to study entomology hoping to spend the rest of their lives with insects. There are plenty of insect enthusiasts in the world. However, one college student, Alex Baranowski, is considered an entomology “savant.” Alex has had a lifelong obsession with insects, and he has indulged this obsession without restraint ever since he was a young child. During his high school years, Alex raised several different insects within his own home. These insects included mantises, moths and butterflies. Alex has even conducted his own scientific experiments in order to understand the nature of particular insects that are not well described in existing scientific literature. As a result of these experiments, Alex has shed more light on the life cycles of particular insects. Even professional entomologists have found the results of Alex’s scientific inquiries to be insightful. Alex is currently able to conduct more sophisticated insect-related experiments with the proper equipment, as he is now a coastal fellow at the University of Rhode Island. Alex is mainly focusing on predator/prey insect relations. Specifically, Alex is studying the relationship between wasps and luna caterpillars.

Alex is curious as to how insect prey respond when exposed to predators. Luna moths are preyed upon by wasps. Luna moths only live as adults for a single week, and they struggle their entire lives to avoid their wasp predators. Wasps often succeed in locating defenseless luna moths when they are still in their larval stage as caterpillars. Wasps will rip the caterpillars apart and bring chunks of them back to their nests in order to keep their offspring well fed. So do these luna caterpillars know that wasps are after them? How would a luna caterpillar respond if placed into a jar with a wasp? These are the answers that Alex is hoping to answer.

Alex set up a cage where luna caterpillars and wasps were in close proximity to each other, but a transparent barrier prevents the wasps from killing the caterpillars. Every day Alex would make a variety of observations and take measurements, such as weighing the caterpillars, and monitoring their growth rate. It turns out that caterpillars do, in fact, recognize the danger posed by wasps, as the caterpillars are scared to death, literally. The caterpillars would stop moving, which helped them avoid detection by wasps. Unfortunately for the caterpillars, this also means that they could not eat or drink. The luna caterpillars eventually succumbed to death caused by starvation or dehydration.

Do you believe that all insect prey can instinctively recognize the presence of a predatory insect?



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50 Parks to Visit in 50 U.S. States

The U.S. has always been at the forefront of creating public lands for its citizens and foreign visitors to explore. After all, the country was the first to designate a national park when Yellowstone was first created way back in 1872. Today, there are fantastic parks to explore in every state in the Union, and Popular Mechanics wants to help you discover the best ones.

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The Las Vegas gunman rented a room near a festival where Chance the Rapper and Lorde performed, police confirm

chance the rapper

On Sunday, Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and injured more than 520 others when he opened fire from a broken hotel window on the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Police have now confirmed reports that, one week prior to the Route 91 attack, Paddock rented a room overlooking another Las Vegas festival, Life Is Beautiful

The Life Is Beautiful Festival took place from September 22 to 24, and featured artists like Chance the Rapper, Lorde, Gorillaz, and the xx.

The Daily Beast first reported that Paddock may have initially targeted the Life Is Beautiful festival when he rented multiple condos at the Ogden, a luxury condominium tower with a line of sight to the concert grounds. 

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo confirmed the report in a press conference on Wednesday. He stated that it’s unclear why Paddock rented a room at the Ogden.

“Was he doing pre-surveillance? We don’t know yet,” Lombardo said.

Last Thursday, days after the Life Is Beautiful festival, Paddock checked into a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Three days later, from a broken window in his room, he shot into a crowd of about 22,000 concertgoers during the performance of the Route 91 Harvest festival’s headliner, Jason Aldean. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Police found Paddock dead in his Mandalay Bay room and recovered a total of 42 guns from his home and hotel room. His motive remains unclear.

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Five manufacturers battling to be most popular in WEC fan survey

Five quintessential sportscar manufacturers are vying for the mantle of the fans’ favourite brand in the FIA World Endurance Championship survey

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Max Verstappen: Earlier F1 car launch could benefit Red Bull in '18

Max Verstappen believes a less ambitious approach by Red Bull in launching its new Formula 1 car as late as possible could help it hit the ground running in 2018

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