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New BR Engineering LMP1 car for 2018 WEC hits track for first test

The new LMP1 challenger built by Russian squad BR Engineering, the BR1, has hit the track for the first time

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Lauren Hutton Is the Perfect Choice to Cover Vogue Italia’s October Issue Dedicated to Women Over 60

Vogue Italia’s new editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti certainly isn’t shy about pushing boundaries and putting his stamp on the fashion glossy. He has already redesigned the entire magazine and put same-sex models kissing on the September cover and now, he dedicates the recently unveiled October issue to women over 60, featuring none other than Lauren Hutton on the cover. With a total of 40 Vogue cover appearances throughout her career, the 73-year-old all-American beauty was photographed by Italian Vogue regular Steven Klein, showing everyone else how it’s truly done on not one, but three tremendous covers for ‘The Timeless Issue.’

Vogue Italia October 2017 : Lauren Hutton by Steven Klein


Our forum members couldn’t wait to share their opinions. “Absolutely fantastic!” praised an ecstatic clo the moment the covers dropped earlier today.

“AMAZING! Lauren is fantastic! Steven Klein has been delivering the best issues of Vogue Italia all year,” raved mepps.

Also an admirer was forum member madzedre: “This looks like the old Vogue Italia, I think the new EIC is getting a grip now.”

Marc10, however, simply wasn’t here for it. “It’s a good concept and fantastic to see Lauren, but the execution is lacking for me. It just looks a bit garish. [Steven] Meisel would’ve made magic with this,” he expressed, feeling slightly underwhelmed.

Vogue Italia October 2017 : Lauren Hutton by Steven Klein


“Always happy to see Lauren but they really need to tone down with the theme issues, it’s like fetishizing a certain something and then they stop featuring them in the magazine months later,” complained Conbothsides, making a very valid point.

MON wasn’t all too impressed, either. “Yikes. Such tragic covers! What an utter waste of Lauren. These are not cover worthy photographs.”

“The third cover (below) is my favorite but I don’t think the silver masthead works at all. And usually we associate silver or gold foil mastheads with celebratory issues so it’s a bit odd to see it like this. Great to see Lauren though!” added dodencebt.

“I only like the third cover and that silver is so horrible,” commented Scotty.

Vogue Italia October 2017 : Lauren Hutton by Steven Klein


A failed attempt at something brilliant? Await more from the issue and let us know which cover you prefer — if any, inside the thread here.

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Silkworms May Become Essential To The Future Of Space Travel

Silkworms May Become Essential To The Future Of Space Travel

These days there is a lot of talk about relocating some members of the human population to the planet of Mars. However, so far we humans have only made it to the moon, and that is already a long distance. In order to make space travel a normal aspect of future life, researchers must find ways to allow space travelers to sustain themselves nutritionally during long bouts of space travel. For example, there is no denying that astronauts of the future will have to make use of miniature ecosystems in order to sustain human life in space. These ecosystems will need to supply space travelers with a sufficient amount of food and water.

Researchers from China have already experimented on a number of animals that could possibly be raised in space in order to feed astronauts. These animals include poultry, fish, and even sea urchin larvae. However, each one of these animals raised logistical problems, as researchers ruled them out as possible forms of future space-food. Luckily, Chinese researchers did not fail to find an organism that could feasibly sustain a crew of individuals for long periods of time. Unfortunately, for most westerners who hope to experience interplanetary travel, insects are the only forms of sustenance that could support the dietary needs of a group of space travelers.

Future space explorers will be limited only to indoor conditions that are completely free of earthly environmental climatic conditions. This makes creating and maintaining an ecosystem difficult. Despite this, researchers are convinced that silkworms are likely the only protein-rich animals that could feed a crew of astronauts.

Silkworms are ideal because they require only very little space and water, they breed quickly, and they only produce small amounts of excrement. The small amount of excrement that silkworms produce could be used as fertilizer for growing vegetables and fruit. Silkworms are also highly nutritious, as they are even richer in protein and amino acids than eggs and milk. Even the silk produced by the silkworm could be consumed for nutrients. So if you want to be considered as a candidate for future space missions to Mars, then you should get used to eating silkworms.

Would you be willing to live on a diet of silkworms in order to travel to another planet?

Do you believe that there exists many other equally beneficial types of insects that could be raised for sustenance during space travel?

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Dave Cornthwaite Completes Expedition Norway – 1240 Miles by Water Bike

British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite has wrapped up yet another leg in his Expedition 1000 project by completing a 1240 mile (1995 km) journey along the coast of Norway by water bike. The appropriately named Expedition Norway began nine weeks ago, and was completed just yesterday when Dave reached Bergen.

This expedition started in Kirkenes and followed an old shipping and ferry route that…

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The Las Vegas gunman meticulously planned his attack with chilling precision, down to a camera hidden in a food service cart in the hallway

Las Vegas

Three days after a gunman unleashed an 11-minute stretch of gunfire upon a crowd of 22,000 concertgoers from his perch on the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel, investigators remain dumbfounded by the lack of clues as to his motive.

Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old retired accountant, had no prior criminal record, left no social media footprint, and had not established any apparent ties to extremist groups, officials say. His attack was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, killing 58 and leaving 527 injured.

But what authorities have made clear so far is that Paddock methodically planned every detail of his attack, ensuring he had a massive arsenal of weapons outfitted to maximize carnage, and a network of cameras set up inside and outside his hotel room, presumably to alert him when law enforcement arrived to take him down.

“I anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody,” Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told media Tuesday afternoon. “It was pre-planned, extensively, and I’m pretty sure that he evaluated everything that he did in his actions, which is troublesome.”

Paddock checked into his suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel on Thursday, September 28. Over the next few days, he hauled up more than 10 suitcases filled with firearms, though hotel staff said they spotted nothing “nefarious,” according to Lombardo.

He kept the “Do Not Disturb” sign on his door throughout his stay so no maids would enter, an anonymous hotel worker told The New York Times.

Paddock amassed his weapons cache over a period of years, purchasing them legally in Nevada, California, Utah, and Texas, officials said. When investigators entered his room, they found 23 guns, including AR-15-style and AK-47-style rifles, and a hammer Paddock had apparently used to smash out two of the hotel suite’s windows.

Mandalay Bay

Twelve of the rifles recovered from Paddock’s suite had been retrofitted with “bump stock” devices, which enable semi-automatic weapons to achieve rapid-fire capabilities, an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told media on Tuesday.

Authorities recovered an additional 24 rifles, shotguns, and pistols from two Nevada properties owned by Paddock. He purchased 33 firearms in the last year alone.

Beyond the weaponry, Paddock appears to have planned out the rampage down to the moment police stormed his suite. He set up an elaborate surveillance system, placing cameras in the hallway outside his suite, on a food-service cart, and over the peephole of his door.

The cameras appear to have been effective — Paddock at one point shot through his suite door and wounded a security guard. Paddock then turned one of his guns on himself, pulling the trigger as SWAT officers closed in around his suite.

Even the absence of Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley, who traveled to the Philippines a week before the shooting, appears to be part of his plan, according to her sisters. Danley, whom authorities are questioning as a person of interest, arrived back in the US late on Tuesday night escorted by FBI officials.

“She was sent away so that she will be not there to interfere with what he’s planning,” one of Danley’s sisters told Australia’s Channel 7 TV network. The network withheld both sisters’ names.

Paddock’s brother Eric offered a similar theory.

“He manipulated her to be as far away from here and safe when he committed this,” he told The Washington Post. “The people he loved he took care of, and as he was descending into hell he took care of her.”

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Stefan Wilson to make second Indy 500 start in 2018 with Andretti

Stefan Wilson is set to make his second Indianapolis 500 start next year after agreeing a deal to drive an Andretti Autosport-run entry in the 2018 event

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Red Bull's Helmut Marko takes swipe at Mercedes and Ferrari

Promoting Pierre Gasly to a Formula 1 race seat shows Red Bull has “balls” compared to the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari, says its motorsport advisor Helmut Marko

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