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Andreas Mikkelsen: I join Hyundai as a WRC title contender

Andreas Mikkelsen says he joins Hyundai ready to fight for the World Rally Championship title for the first time

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The 29 Most Memorable Beauty Moments From the Spring 2018 Runways

We spend a considerable amount of time pouring over the runway looks and street style photos during fashion month. As much as we love all the inventive silhouettes and next-level accessories designers send down the runway, beauty fans would agree that the hair, makeup and nails are just as captivating as the clothes. The beauty pros backstage in New York, London, Milan and Paris use their considerable talent to create innovate looks that elevate the outfits, captivate the masses and leave us itching to try them out at home.

Each runway show brought something new, whether it was in the form of unique embellishment (diamantés being the clear favorite of Spring 2018), bold swipes of eyeshadow, vivid red lips or an inventive applicator (see the straws at Lanvin). Get your styling tools ready and take a look at the 29 most memorable beauty moments from the Spring 2018 runways.

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COMMENTARY: An Open Letter To Chase Elliott

Dear Chase –
Tough luck yesterday, young man. It looked like you finally had the brass ring in your hand and were set to become the only driver not named Jeff Gordon to drive a No. 24 car to Victory Lane in a NASCAR Premier Series race.
As we all know, it didn’t quite work out that way.
Kyle Busch stole the lead away within sight of the white flag, driving off into the sunset with his fourth win of the 2017 season and his second in as many weeks. It happens. Believe me, it happens.
Was there anything you could have done to stop it? In hindsight, sure there was. You could have chosen a slightly different path through lapped traffic in the final laps. You could have blocked the living bejeezus out of Busch with two to go, or had your boys shave a couple of tenths off every pit stop along the way.
But none of that really matters. You did the best you could, making what seemed to be the smartest decisions you could at the time, then living with the consequences. That’s what racing is. That’s what racers do.
And now, it’s time for another important decision. How do you handle what happened yesterday in the First State?
“Like watching a man perform
his own autopsy.”
In recent years, we have all witnessed your propensity for “going hard on yourself” in the aftermath of bad days. Or even good ones. We have seen you heap all the blame on your own diminutive shoulders, criticizing your own performance to the point of microscopic analysis.
At times, it has been like watching a man perform his own autopsy, with his heart still beating. And with all due respect, that’s something you cannot afford to do right now.
You see, Chase, there comes a point where you can simply be too damned hard on yourself. Disappointment in the aftermath of a day like yesterday is both normal and understandable. Self-mutilation is not.
If there is something to be learned from what happened Sunday at Dover – something different to be done or a critical mistake to be corrected — take that lesson and move on. Don’t dwell on failure, lest you become enveloped in the negativity of it all. In a sport where there is only one winner and 39 losers each week, it’s easy to get sucked into a black hole of self-doubt.
Close, but no cigar.
But your performance yesterday at Dover was spectacular. It was admirable. And it was something to be proud of.
Champions have an uncanny ability to compartmentalize their emotions; avoiding the urge to fly too high on good days, or dip too low on the bad ones. Set your altimeter on the far horizon and chart a steady course. What’s done is done, and yesterday’s disappointment can do you nothing but harm today.
You’re not the first driver to have your heart ripped out at Dover, and you certainly won’t be the last. They don’t call it “The Monster Mile” for nothing, you know.
Right now, we are just a few short days away from the Bank Of America 500at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and you and your team are well-positioned to advance to the all-important Round of Eight in the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs.
It’s time to get your chin up, rally your team behind you and refuse to let yesterday’s failure become an albatross around your neck.

You’re too good for that.

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University Students Get to Name New Species of Smiley-Faced Spiders

University Students Get to Name New Species of Smiley-Faced Spiders

Usually when you are a student in college you don’t get much recognition in your academic field. Students assisting professors on research projects may be mentioned in tiny print in the dedication and acknowledgments included in the published book or article, but that’s about the most recognition even the best student can expect. One lucky group of students from the University of Vermont involved in a project down in the Caribbean got the chance of a lifetime this year when they stumbled across more than 15 new species of smiley-faced spiders in what was supposed to simply be an undergraduate research project. That is the kind of honor even most professional scientists never experience during their career.

A research team from the Caribbean Biogeography Project (CarBio)—spearheaded by Agnarsson of UVM’s Biology Department and Greta Binford at Lewis & Clark College, and including four lucky undergraduate students – made the discovery of a lifetime when they discovered over 15 new regional species of the smiley-faced spider down in the Caribbean. Previously, scientists had believed that there was just one main widespread species of the spider throughout all of North American and on down to northern Brazil. The smiley-faced spider, or Spintharus spider, is named after the pattern on their abdomens that resembles a smiley-face.

On top of the glory they received for the amazing discovery, the students also were allowed to christen the new insects. Names ranged from beloved family members to famous actors, musicians, and respected politicians. The students on the team “wanted to honor people who stood up for both human rights and warned about climate change—leaders and artists who promoted sensible approaches for a better world.” One notable figure recognized and immortalize forever in the name of one of the species is Bernie Sanders, who was actually chosen by the entire team. Other notable figures the different species were named after are David Bowie, former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama, David Attenborough, and even heartthrob actor Leonardo DiCaprio.


If you had the chance to name a new species of insect who or what would you name it after?

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Super-Sherpa Nabs Sixth 8000-Meter Summit of the Year with Autumn Climb of Nanga Parbat

Even though I already posted an update on the fall climbing season today, I thought this story was worth sharing on its own. It seems that Nepali mountain guide Mingma Gyalje Sherpa has had a year for the record books, as he has now recorded his sixth 8000-meter summit of the year after topping out on Nanga Parbat in Pakistan yesterday. This is his second summit of that mountain over…

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Video: European Formula 3 winners on how they beat Lando Norris

Joel Eriksson and Callum Ilott shared the victories in the latest round of the Formula 3 European Championship at the Red Bull Ring – ahead of McLaren junior Lando Norris

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Renault F1 team defiant amid controversy over FIA's Budkowski

Renault Formula 1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul says his team is not in Formula 1 “to make friends”, amid criticism over the potential signing of former FIA man Marcin Budkowski

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