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Haas 'depressed' by gap between his F1 squad and big three teams

Gene Haas says the gulf between his Formula 1 squad and the championship’s three leading teams has left him feeling “really depressed”

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Mads Ostberg withdraws WRC2 entry from Rally Germany

Mads Ostberg has withdrawn from the World Rally Championship’s German round after running out of time as he sought to fix a power steering problem on his Ford Fiesta R5

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Renault says it made to big a change to F1 engine for 2017 season

Renault admits it made too big a change with its Formula 1 engine over the winter, and has paid the price with reliability struggles this season

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The Horsehair Worm: The Parasite That Grows In Insects

The Horsehair Worm: The Parasite That Grows In Insects

We have all heard about parasites invading the human body, but nobody suspects that insects have to deal with the same parasitic inconveniences. After all, insects seem too small to possess any parasitic worms, unless, of course, the parasitic worm is microscopic. Also, insects have been around for millions of years, and they are among earth’s most successful animals when it comes to survival. Therefore it seems improbable that their lives could be endangered by parasitic worms. This is why the horsehair worm are so interesting. Very few people have heard of this arthropod invading parasitic worm. Even more surprising is the size of the horsehair worm. These parasitic worms measure between four and forteen inches in length. Luckily, horsehair worms do not use humans as hosts.

Horsehair worms are long and clearly visible roundworms. They are often spotted by humans in small portions of outdoor and indoor water sources, such as birdbaths, water troughs, pet dishes, sinks, bathtubs, and unfortunately, toilets. These frightening looking parasites can also be spotted in gardens and yards following heavy rainfall. These parasitic worms get their name on account of their resemblance to long threads of horsehair.

For those of you who cannot stand insects, then you will be pleased to know that horsehair worms are only parasitic to larger sized insects, such as crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, beetles and katydids. These parasitic worms evolved within the body cavities of these insects. The worms are even harmless to plants, and all types of animals besides insects. In fact, horsehair worms do not pose any threat to the environment at all; it could even be said that these parasitic worms do the world a favor by minimizing cricket populations, and many insect pests. In rare cases when this parasitic insect is found, there is no need for alarm, and control efforts are entirely unnecessary. Lets just hope one of these large parasitic worms does not somehow wind-up in your toilet.


Have you ever spotted what you believe may have been a horsehair worm? If so, where was it located?

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Tech billionaire must open gates to California beach next to property he bought for $37 million, courts say

vinod khosla

A Silicon Valley billionaire has lost a legal battle over access to a California beach.

A California appeals court ruled earlier this week that Vinod Khosla must open gates providing access to Martins Beach, which is an hour south of San Francisco.

Khosla, who made his fortune as one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems and as a venture capitalist, bought property surrounding Martins Beach in 2008 for $37 million, according to NPR, and closed the beach to the public the year after.

Since then, he has been locked in a series of legal battles over whether the public can access the shore. Before Khosla bought the property, there was a gate and parking area permitting access to the beach, which was a well-liked surf spot.

California’s First District Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled 3-0 that Khosla violated state law when he blocked the public from accessing Martins Beach, rejecting Khosla’s appeal.

The court ordered Kholsa’s companies to pay the attorney costs for the Surfrider Foundation, the group that had brought the legal challenge over the beach.

But the battle isn’t over yet — Khosla can still appeal, and other lawsuits over access to the beach are still pending.

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martins beach

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