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Valentino Rossi worried about Ducati threat for Brno MotoGP race

Valentino Rossi says he is worried about the threat from Ducati ahead of MotoGP’s Czech Grand Prix at Brno, particularly his former Yamaha team-mate Jorge Lorenzo

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Cal Crutchlow ignored doctors' advice to skip MotoGP qualifying

Cal Crutchlow has revealed he ignored medical advice to skip MotoGP qualifying at Brno after being diagnosed with a suspected back injury following a crash in Saturday morning practice

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McLaren F1 junior Lando Norris likely to move to F2 or Japan in 2018

McLaren Formula 1 junior Lando Norris is likely to graduate to Formula 2 or Super Formula in Japan next season next season

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We Tracked Down the Best Face Washes for Every Single Skin Concern

Good skin care starts with a good cleanser, and the best face washes don’t just clean skin and remove makeup, they also address any skin care concerns you might have. Whether you’re dealing with breakouts, oily skin or a dry, dull complexion, there’s a face wash designed to help.

The first step in finding the best face wash for you is to identify your skin type and any skin conditions you might have. According to Erin Larson, esthetician and director of brand management and education at HydroPeptide, skin types are genetic and are usually classified as dry, oily, combination and/or sensitive. Skin conditions — such as acne, aging skin and redness — can change depending on lifestyle and environmental factors.

When it comes to determining skin type, Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien, FAAD, suggests thinking about what your face feels like throughout the day. After cleansing, does your it feel tight? Or does it become greasy soon after washing? The latter points toward oily skin. At noon, is your face looking shiny or matte? Shiny skin likely indicates combination skin. If skin remains relatively matte throughout the day, you probably have dry skin.

To identify skin care conditions, examine your face in the mirror. Fine lines and wrinkles indicate mature skin. Blackheads, whiteheads and/or cystic acne reveal acnegenic skin. Broken capillaries or general flushing are attributed to redness — or couperose — says Larson.

While the majority of good facial cleansers will indicate which skin care concerns they address, it’s helpful to know what to look for in a formula. Elizabeth Jones, advanced instructor for Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, says that those with dry skin should look for milky or creamy cleansers formulated with oils that nourish skin. Those with oily or acne-prone skin should try gel-based cleansers. (Cleansers with active ingredients like salicylic acid are especially good for breakouts.) Those with sensitive skin benefit from products with calming formulas that don’t have any fragrances or dyes. Finally, those with aging skin should try milky cleansers with brightening and exfoliating ingredients that target pigmentation.

Now that you’ve identified your skin type and concerns, find the best face wash for you in the slideshow above.

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Video: Visiting an Abandoned Village in France

For nearly a hundred years the village of Rochecolombe in the south of France has been abandoned. The people that lived there packed up and left back in 1920, and yet the buildings and homes still sit along a scenic hillside as if they are waiting for people to return. This video takes us on a short tour of the town and its surrounding area. At times it is hauntingly beautiful, making one wonder…

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'Fisk' is currently one of Dictionary.com’s most searched words thanks to an NRA video threatening The New York Times (NYT)

dana loesch

If you don’t know what “fisk” means, you’re not alone. Searches for the word were up 7,643% week-over-week on Friday afternoon, after the National Rifle Association (NRA) posted a video in which it threatened to “fisk” the paper of record, The New York Times.

In less than an hour, “Fisk” quickly became one of the top searches on Dictionary.com.

The video was posted by NRA TV’s Twitter account. In it, NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch says, “We’re going to fisk The New York Times,” while looking into the camera. “In short, we’re coming for you.”

In conjunction with the hashtag #ClenchedFistofTruth, confusion spread through Twitter like wildfire, as many had misheard Loesch as having said “We’re going to fist The New York Times,” which was thought to be a reference to a sexual act.  

Loesch responded on Twitter with several tweets on the topic.

So what does “fisk” mean?

Dictionary.com’s  first definition is for a proper noun referring to a historical figure, James Fisk: “James, 1834–72, U.S. financier and stock speculator.”

Further down, however, is the British definition, likely intended by the NRA: (slang) to refute of criticize (a journalistic article or blog) point by point.” 

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