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Why Lando Norris's McLaren Autosport BRDC Award test is significant

On Wednesday Lando Norris takes over from Stoffel Vandoorne in the McLaren-Honda in the post-Hungarian Grand Prix Formula 1 test, his prize for winning the 2016 McLaren Autosport BRDC Award

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NASCAR reveals new limits on Cup drivers in Xfinity and Trucks

NASCAR has officially announced new rules further limiting Cup drivers’ participation in the Xfinity and Truck Series

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Robert Kubica passes FIA F1 cockpit extraction test in Hungary

Robert Kubica has successfully passed the FIA’s mandatory extraction test ahead of his first run in a 2017 Formula 1 car with Renault in the Hungaroring test on Wednesday

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Feed Your Skin With Beauty Products Made With Real Fruits and Vegetables

One of the most important lessons we learned from our parents was to always eat our fruits and veggies. While they may have nagged us to finish those last few string beans, there’s no doubt they had the right idea about the importance of plant-based food options. Healthy skin starts from the inside out, so consuming the requisite five-a-day is key for a glowing complexion. Additionally, “feeding” our skin with beauty products that are rich in fruits and vegetables enhances the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet.

Not only are fruits and veggies packed with good-for-skin vitamins and minerals, but they’re rich in antioxidants that help fight the signs of aging by protecting against environmental damage. Fruits also contain enzymes that help exfoliate dead skin cells to brighten complexions. One of the other huge benefits of skin care products with ingredients found in the produce aisle is that the formulas are often natural and organic. That means no harsh chemicals that can cause skin reactions or irritation.

Ready to increase your daily skin care serving of fruits and veggies? Take a look at these products that are sure to leave your skin glowing.

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Are Lemons Too Sour For Insect-Pests?

Are Lemons Too Sour For Insect-Pests?

Lemons are not often consumed like oranges. Lemons are cultivated mainly to enhance the taste of certain foods or beverages. The sour taste of lemons are not well tolerated by human tastebuds. You may assume that other animals feel the same way about lemons, and for most mammals this is probably true. However, there are plenty of insects that love the taste of lemons. It is not shocking that many insects cannot get enough of certain sweet-tasting citrus fruits, but how could any insects tolerate the overwhelming sourness of lemons? Insects, such as mites, flies, thrips and moths are often responsible for damaging American lemon crops.


It is not unusual for some insects to spend the early stages of their lives dwelling within lemon crops. For example, citrus thrips require citrus plants in order to develop properly. These thrips hatch from eggs that are located on the leaves of lemon plants, as well as other citrus fruits. Once these thrips hatch and become nymphs, they remain within lemon crops in order to feed on the fruits. This is how the nymphs develop into adults. Some other types of insects can take their taste for lemons to a whole new level, causing serious problems for lemon farmers. Citrus cutworms are one such example.

Much like citrus thrips, citrus cutworms hatch from eggs that adult cutworm moths leave on the leaves of lemon trees. However, these insects can cause damage that is far more extensive than other lemon-eating insects. This is because one single lemon is not good enough for the picky citrus cutworm; instead, these cutworms prefer to sample multiple lemons, resulting in the rapid spread of lemon crop damage. Some moths ignore all other citrus fruits and, instead, only feed on lemons. In fact, there exists two parasitic moths that target only lemons. There are also different types of earwigs, flies and caterpillars that cause damage to lemon crops in regions all around the world.

Have you ever taken a bite of a certain type of fruit only to discover that it had already been damaged by an insect pest?







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Video: BASE Jumper Makes Highest Leap in South America

Looking for a jolt of adrenaline today? Check out this video which features BASE jumper Balery Rozov has he makes the highest leap ever in South America. That jump comes from the top of the 6725 meter (22,063 ft) Huascarán Peak in Peru. As you can imagine, it was quite a flight back down to the ground below.

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