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Ducati's Lorenzo more focused on gap than podium at Mugello

Jorge Lorenzo says he is looking beyond the possibility of simply taking his second MotoGP podium with Ducati in Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix.

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Watch: Anna Faris and Rosie Perez Endure a Stressful Plane Ride in Kate Spade’s Newest Short Film

Kate Spade’s business strategies will likely shift now that the company has entered the Coach Inc. fold. However, at least for the moment, the handbag retailer appears to be sticking by its hilarious/adorable “Miss Adventure” franchise. (Phew.) The latest installment in the mini-series features comedy queens Anna Faris and Rosie Perez. The industry icons play two sister-in-laws who are — how shall we put this? — less than psyched to be traveling together.

After boarding a color-coordinated plane that would put the Victoria’s Secret jet to shame — Kate Spade did not skimp on production value — Faris and Perez deal with your typical travel-related tribulations (their companion’s presence, screaming babies, alcohol moderation, decreased circulation, inaccessible bathrooms, foreign fruit smuggling). Only Faris’ piñata-shaped carry-on is infinitely cuter than the jam-packed knapsacks we typically schlep aboard our flights.

Watch the LOL-inducing (and slightly triggering) clip above. Excited for your next plane ride?

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Mexican police busted a drug-dealing ring using UberEats as cover, and it may be a positive development

UberEats drug marijuana Mexico City

Police in Mexico City disrupted a drug-trafficking operation in on May 28, capturing several suspects and uncovering a new, possibly positive development in the area’s drug trade.

After a shooting that left several people wounded at the southern edge of Tepito — a rough neighborhood known as a bastion of the Sante Muerte faith — 200 police officers were dispatched, shutting down streets and searching alleys and buildings in pursuit of suspects who fled the scene.

Raiding one nearby building, police apprehended 10 suspects — eight adults and two minors — and seized several black bags and UberEats backpacks, all full of marijuana, as well as several muffins that apparently had marijuana in them.

The alleged dealers reportedly operated in Tepito and used bicycles to distribute drugs in the upscale neighborhoods of Zona Rosa and Cuauhtemoc, including the popular Condesa district.

For its part, UberEats — which provides home delivery of food in Mexico City and is run by the ride-hailing company Uber — denied any involvement in the incident, telling Mexican news site Excelsior that delivery people using the service “are proprietors and solely responsible for the use of their backpacks.”

UberEats Mexico City drug dealers trafficking

The company said it “condemns any act that risks people’s health or safety” and that it was “ready to work with authorities in their investigation.”

Drug dealers and traffickers using legitimate business dealings to obscure their illicit trade is nothing new. In the 1990s, Sinaloa kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman opened a cannery where cocaine was packaged in with peppers — in cans labeled “Comadre Jalapeños” — and shipped to the US.

In this instance, however, drug dealers adopting delivery services may be a positive development for Mexico City, particularly the area of Tepito, where violence and crime are longstanding problems.

Delivering drugs right to the buyers would take the illicit transactions out of public space, meaning both buyer and seller would spend less time exposed, and thereby lessen the potential for violent incidents.

“All things being equal, more discreet and decentralized distribution equals less violence,” Alejandro Hope, a crime analyst and former intelligence official, told InSight Crime.

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NOW WATCH: EX-UNDERCOVER DEA AGENT: What I did when drug dealers asked me to try the product

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Valentino Rossi: Mugello MotoGP front row important after problems

Valentino Rossi says qualifying second for his home MotoGP race at Mugello was “more important than normal” given his crash during the preceding fourth practice session

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Rahal reckons he can dominate Detroit IndyCar

Graham Rahal believes he can dominate IndyCar’s Detroit double-header weekend if he can qualify well, based on his Friday practice pace.

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Detroit IndyCar: Helio Castroneves ends Friday practice on top

Team Penske’s Helio Castroneves topped second practice ahead of IndyCar’s Detroit double-header, leading practice one pacesetter Graham Rahal

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