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18 Summer Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Weekend Bag

Happy vacation season, y’all. Chances are that, right about now, you’re either in the midst of packing or fantasizing about what you will pack once the blessed day arrives. Editing down your wardrobe is a tough process. Ditto goes for your beauty arsenal.

Plus, when it comes to packing beauty products, not only must you decide which gels, sprays and creams are essential, you’ve also got to make sure they come in 3.4-ounce, TSA-approved packaging (at least the ones that make the carry-on cut).

Throwing everything in your checked bag is tempting, but trust us, given the havoc that recycled plane air wreaks on skin — and our general fear of lost luggage — you’re going to want to keep certain travel beauty essentials on your person. Above, we’ve rounded up 18 beauty products that we absolutely will not travel without. Use this list as a template, save yourself precious time and space.

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Termite Populations Are Expanding, But Why? | Free Termite Inspections

Termite Populations Are Expanding, But Why? | Termite  Inspection

We here a lot about termites, and they are certainly common in the United States, but where? When it comes to ticks, for example, most of the American public knows that ticks are commonly found in the northeast portion of the US, as well as a few other regions. However, most Americans have no clue as to where termite populations thrive. Perhaps this is because termites do not cause disease like ticks can, so knowing where to find dangerous ticks is a matter of public health. But despite the fact that termites don’t spread disease, termites can still cause tragic and life changing problems. Therefore, knowing if you live in a region where termite populations are high can only be a benefit.

In the United States, the most common type of termite is the subterranean termite. Since these termites are the most common termites in the US, they are also the most damaging. There are several species of subterranean termite found within the US. Three of these species dwell only within the eastern US, and a fourth species dwells on the west coast. There is also a fifth species of termite, but these termites dwell only within the Rocky Mountains.

There are a few more types of termites in the US, but the remaining termites are not widely distributed. The Formosan termite is one of these termites, and probably the most well known. However, one day the United States could be full of little termites because they may be expanding to new regions as a result of climate change. As the winters get warmer, termites will be able to live in more northern parts of the US. Also, the hotter summers mean that termites in the north will begin to create larger colonies. So global warming also causes more termites to roam the earth–now you can add that to your list of the consequences of global warming.

Do you live in a region where an unusual termite is common? If you do, then which type of termite dwells in your area?




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Off for a Few Days

After being home for several weeks straight, it is now time for me to hit the road once again. This time however I’m not jetting off to some far-flung place to go hiking or climbing or paddling. Instead, I’ll be making a 10 hour road trip to visit friends and family for a few days. That means now updates for the rest of this week, nor will there be any on Monday of next week. Things should get…

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Maverick Vinales will copy Jorge Lorenzo's Yamaha MotoGP Mugello lines

MotoGP championship leader Maverick Vinales says he will look to copy his Yamaha predecessor Jorge Lorenzo’s Mugello lines in this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix

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Red Bull will not stay in lead Formula 1 fight – Mercedes' Bottas

Valtteri Bottas does not expect Red Bull to remain part of the fight at the front of Formula 1, despite its strong showing in the Monaco Grand Prix

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Panoz to reveal 'never before attempted racing concept' at Le Mans

DeltaWing boss Don Panoz will announce what is being billed as a “never before attempted road racing concept” during the week of the Le Mans 24 Hours later this month

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