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Summer Style Inspiration From Your Favorite Supermodels

Things are starting to heat up and we’re counting the days until we live and breathe nonstop sunshine and, more importantly, bust out our sexy summer clothes. Who better to show us the way than those paid top dollar to display the world’s finest fashions? Yes, we’re talking the real-life mannequins from Chanel and Marc Jacobs runways: Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss…the list goes on. So, what can we learn from these stunning women? How to look professionally fabulous, of course.

This year, our favorite catwalkers have been strutting the streets of Paris and New York City wearing the top summer fashion trends, including the ongoing denim craze, see-through garments, sexy cut-outs and flashes of skin, and the ever-so-classic khaki. Whether you want to cover up from the sun or flaunt your assets, we have some serious model-off-duty summer style tips and fashion inspiration for you, so click through and enjoy!

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Video: Shishapangma South Face – The Door to Base Camp

Yesterday I brought you the first in a series of videos from The North Face that take us along with alpinists Hervé Barmasse and David Göttler as they attempt a climb up the very tough South Face of Shishapangma in the Himalaya. In the first clip we saw their training and preparation in the Khumbu Valley, but with that complete they’re now off to Base Camp to start the expedition itself. In this…

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Judges wrote a scathing indictment of US drug policy in decision to uphold Silk Road founder's life sentence

ross ulbricht

An appellate court upheld the life sentence of Ross Ulbricht, while offering a scathing indictment of the US’s policy for harshly punishing drug offenses, Wired reported on Wednesday. 

Ulbricht, also known as Dread Pirate Roberts, founded the dark web drug marketplace Silk Road in 2011.

The website was shuttered after a lengthy federal investigation two years later, and Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 2015. 

In their opinion, Second Circuit appellate court judges questioned the “social utility” of harsh sentences for trafficking illicit substances, and even the “criminal prohibition” regarding the use and sale of drugs. 

It is very possible that, at some future point, we will come to regard these policies as tragic mistakes and adopt less punitive and more effective methods of reducing the incidence and costs of drug use,” the judges wrote.

“At this point in our history, however, the democratically-elected representatives of the people have opted for a policy of prohibition, backed by severe punishment,” the judges continued. 

Ulbricht’s appeal rested on the behavior of the two federal agents who handled this caseCarl Mark Force, a former DEA agent, attempted to extort Ulbricht during the investigation, and Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent, was convicted of stealing thousands of dollars of bitcoin from Silk Road, Wired reports. 

In the opinion, the judges wrote that Ulbricht’s lawyers did not prove that the the agents’ “corrupt behavior” was “exculpatory.” 

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Marc Marquez: Honda MotoGP bike acceleration still inconsistent

Honda’s acceleration gains with its revamped MotoGP engine are not yet uniform, reigning champion Marc Marquez feels

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Two-time BTCC champion Alain Menu set to make rallycross debut

Double British Touring Car champion Alain Menu is set to make his rallycross debut in the final round of this year’s British championship

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Ex-F1 driver Esteban Gutierrez linked with Bourdais' IndyCar seat

Ex-Formula 1 and current Techeetah Formula E driver Esteban Gutierrez is among the contenders to replace the injured Sebastien Bourdais at the Dale Coyne Racing IndyCar team

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Bella Hadid Shows Off Her New Haircut on the Cover of Vogue Italia June 2017

As documented across social media, Bella Hadid (along with Natalie Westling) shot for Vogue Italia’s forthcoming June 2017 edition with photographic duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin requesting Bella cut her hair especially for the occasion. Bella showcases her newly shorn bob haircut while posing solo atop an exercise bike while wearing Chanel (as one does).

A vast majority of our forum members were disappointed by the highly anticipated cover. “I’ll wait for July. VI’s new goal: Get different photographers to imitate Meisel’s work? I’ve never seen an I&V photo like that,” voiced Scotty.

“Okay… next!” declared an uninterested MDNA.

“Can’t stand this girl and her dead face… I hope Natalie has a cover too,” stated sixtdaily, underwhelmed by Bella’s best effort.

TaylorBinque wasn’t buying it either. “So VI really misses Meisel I guess, but Bella can’t model. Tyra would’ve sent her home long ago because she can’t rely on her pretty face. But then again, she has massive following, so all works fine. The font colors just make this look even more bland,” he exclaimed in disbelief.

Narcyza agreed, saying, “It would’ve been a great cover with a different model. That Instagirl looks frozen to me!”

“This is bad, the missing ‘U’ is really bothering me and the font is pretentious and tacky. Bella herself is doing good, but the rest…” complained whitewine82.

“I like it but not sure about the font colors,” quipped forum member liv4beauty.

TashaRose agreed: “A really nice shot of Bella is just ruined with this hideous font.”

Better luck next month, Vogue Italia. Await more from the issue and add your own two cents here.

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The Zika Virus Could Be Used Medically To Treat Brain Cancer

There is nothing positive about the Zika virus. It has caused birth defects in infected infants from regions all over the world. The aggressive way in which the virus attacks the brain is particularly alarming to researchers who are trying to find a treatment. Even though researchers around the globe have not yet found a vaccine to stop the spread of Zika, which does not mean that researchers have not learned anything valuable during their efforts. For example, some medical researchers are now becoming interested in using the Zika virus as a tool that could treat brain cancer.

Doctors are getting ready to observe a brain-cancer patient while she undergoes some Zika-therapy, so to speak. The doctors are hoping to see the virus attacking cancerous cells within the cancer victim’s brain. Introducing the virus to the terminal cancer patient could also open new neural pathways that doctors may not have explored yet. The doctors think that using the virus could be necessary if the cancer is particularly hard to treat.

The type of brain cancer that the doctors are hoping to treat is known as glioblastoma. This is a very deadly form of cancer as diagnosed patients have a five year survival rate of only five percent. Using a virus to treat cancer may be considered a risky move, but if you had to roll the dice in order to test a new cancer drug, then you would want that cancer to be glioblastoma. Also, the nervous systems of adults that become infected with Zika are not damaged on the same level as infants are damaged. In fact, many Zika victims may be asymptomatic. There also exists medical technology that can preserve the function of many brain regions that could be at risk from Zika exposure. Medical professionals are hoping for the best, and they have not forgotten about Zika.

Would you be willing to expose yourself to the Zika virus if you were suffering from terminal cancer?




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Video: Suunto Celebrates Kilian’s Double-Summit on Everest

By now, we’re all well aware of Kilian Jornet’s exploits in the Himalaya this spring. This video was put out by Suunto – one of his sponsors – to celebrate and congratulate him on his accomplishments. It doesn’t really share anything new, nor does it have footage from his Everest summits, but it does remind us of what an exceptional athlete Jornet truly is. Speed records and double summits…

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The Cleveland police officer who shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been fired

tamir rice

The Cleveland police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been fired effective immediately, city officials told the news media on Tuesday.

The officer, Timothy Loehmann, had been on the force for less than a year before the 2014 shooting. He was placed on desk duty while an administrative review took place.

Loehmann’s partner Frank Garmback, who had been driving the police cruiser in the moments leading up to the shooting, has also been suspended without pay for 10 days.

“This has been tough on our entire community, and definitely on the Rice family,” Cleveland’s police chief, Calvin Williams, said at a news conference Tuesday.

“When this happened in 2014, I made the comment that this is of course a tragedy, but it’s even more tragic that it happened at the hands of a Cleveland police officer.”

City officials said in a disciplinary letter that Loehmann’s termination was due not to the Rice shooting but to inaccuracies on Loehmann’s application to the Cleveland police department, Williams said.

Loehmann had previously been hired as a police officer at Missouri’s Independence Police Department but was reportedly allowed to resign after a six-month probationary period.

His Independence supervisors deemed Loehmann’s job performance “dismal” and found that he could not “follow simple directions, could not communicate clear thoughts nor recollections,” and was “distracted” and “weepy” during firearms-qualification training, according to the personnel file reviewed by

A disciplinary letter from the Cleveland police department accused Loehmann of lying on his application regarding how his job in Independence ended.

The disciplinary action against both Loehmann and Garmback comes more than a year after Cleveland settled a wrongful-death lawsuit with the Rice family for $6 million.

Rice was fatally shot in November 2014 after Loehmann and Garmback were called to a Cleveland recreation center. They had received a report that a person with a gun was outside, but the 911 dispatcher did not tell the officers that the caller had said the gun was “probably fake” and that its owner was most likely a juvenile.

Security footage from outside the recreation center showed Loehmann and Garmback’s police cruiser skidding to a halt near Rice, at which point Loehmann opened the car door and began firing at Rice within seconds.

Only after the shooting did it emerge that Rice was 12 and had been playing with a plastic pellet gun that had its orange safety tip removed.

A grand jury declined in 2015 to indict both officers in Rice’s death.

Both the shooting and the lack of prosecutorial action prompted national outrage and protests over police use of force and racial bias in the criminal-justice system.

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