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8 Denim Trends You Could DIY Yourself…or Just Shop Here

In May, Gucci launched its DIY service, which offers customizable men’s tailoring, unisex jackets and shoes for guys and gals alike. The whimsical embellishment options are evidence of trailblazing Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s wish to show his clientele that “the way you dress is an expression of your personality, and that men and women should feel genuinely free to enjoy self-expression.”

According to a 2013 report from consulting firm Bain & Company, DIY-able offerings speak to fickle millennial minds. “As a growing consumer force, young shoppers demand more individualized products than their older counterparts—they’re not a one-size-fits-all generation.” To both Michele and Bain & Company, we say — duh.

Gucci is far from the only fashion house that has tapped into our need for unique touches. The Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 collection was bursting with crafty patches. Vetements’ updated vintage jeans flew off the shelves thanks to subtle yet innovative angled hems and reworked pocket designs. Yes, we want our 90s minimalism — but we want an edited version. Give us an asymmetrical hem or an inventive cut-out over standard Seinfeld fare any day.

Marc Jacobs' Spring 2016 collection featured patches and pins galore.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016; Image: Imaxtree

Frayed denim jeans on the Vetements Spring 2016 runway.

Vetements Spring 2016; Image: Imaxtree

Now, for those blessed with that elusive DIY gene, more power to you. This season’s various arts-and-crafts-inspired denim trends are just begging to be reproduced at home (for a fraction of the cost). For those of you who just know you’ll rue the day you dared to wield that seam-shearing X-Acto knife yourself, however, we’ve taken out the guesswork/handiwork. Click through the slideshow below for standouts from each DIY denim category and, for the more intrepid, tips on how to personalize your own wardrobe.

Buy or DIY: 6 Spring Pieces You Could Probably Make Yourself ]

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Stewart Experiences Full Range Of Emotion During Triumphant Sonoma Weekend

Chris Trotman, Getty Images for NASCAR

Friday afternoon, Tony Stewart told the world that he is unhappy with his life as a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver. 

Forty eight hours later, he looked like the happiest man on earth. 

Stewart — a three-time series champion who has announced plans to retire at the conclusion of the 2016 campaign – held court with the media Friday at Sonoma (Cal.) Raceway, criticizing his fellow drivers and complaining that “driving a Sprint Cup car does not make me happy right now.

“I had Jamie McMurray screw us up,” said Stewart following Friday’s final practice. ”He was trying to do a qualifying lap. Some of the things some of these guys do nowadays doesn’t make sense. When we had Dale Sr. and Rusty Wallace and Dale Jarrett… they were able to get their arms around these guys and make them listen. There is really nobody here that can do that anymore. Everybody is out of control out there.” 

Stewart also doubled-down on his earlier promise to return to open-wheeled Sprint Car racing next season, for the first time since the on-track death of Kevin Ward, Jr. in August of 2014. 

“I’m ready to do stuff that makes me happy, and driving a Sprint Cup car does not make me happy right now,” he said.” A lot of things have changed. The atmosphere has changed. There is so much stuff in the garage area that has changed that it was time for me to make a change with it. I’ve dedicated 18 years of my life to this series and it’s done great by me. I’ve made a great living doing it, but at the same time, there are things I want to do other than be at a NASCAR track three days a week for 38 weekends a year.  

“I never dreamed there was going to be a time that I would think about something like this,” he admitted. “It wasn’t overnight. There were weeks that I would think, `Man I really want to go to Monaco and see the Monaco Grand Prix,’ or ` I really want to go to Knoxville for the A-main of the Knoxville Nationals or the Kings Royal at Eldora.’ There are things I want to do that, because of our schedule, I don’t have time to do.  

“It’s time for me to do them.” 

Blaine Ohigashi, Getty Images for NASCAR
Friday’s media session was vintage Stewart; outspoken, opinionated and unrepentantly cantankerous. In hindsight, it may also have been therapeutic. For as soon as the green flag flew Sunday afternoon, Stewart’s No. 14 Chevrolet – a car he ranked no better than a Top-15 prospect prior to the start — was a contender, running lap times equal to the leaders while gradually making its way forward from a 10th-place starting spot. 

A savvy final pit stop, taken three laps sooner than the other frontrunners, combined with a fortuitous debris caution in the late going to push Stewart into the lead. Once there, the Indiana native did the rest, prevailing in a thrilling, last-lap battle with Denny Hamlin to win the Toyota/Save Mart 350. The win – Stewart’s first since first since June 2013 at Dover International Speedway — erased the biggest roadblock standing between him and a berth in the 2016 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, virtually ensuring that he will race for the championship in his final season as a NASCAR driver. 

Wrapped in the emotion of a tumultuous Sonoma Victory Lane, Stewart was understandably in a happier frame of mind. Though clearly exhausted — both physically and emotionally – the three-time Sprint Cup Series champion said the importance of Sunday’s triumph was already beginning to hit home. 

“They’re all good,” said Stewart, slumping onto the front fender of his battered Code 3 Associates Chevrolet. “It doesn’t matter where you get them. Especially at a place you’re (racing) for the last time, it means a bunch. It’s special, trust me.”

Asked about his final-turn pass of Hamlin, Stewart joked, “If it had been a street fight, he would have two black eyes.” 

Hamlin agreed, saying, “Once I knew he had position and we had a wall on the other side of us, I knew there was a pretty good chance that we were going to go into that wall. I didn’t know if he would physically spin me out, (but) I thought there was a very good chance of it, because that’s his opportunity to get in the Chase. This was by far the best he’s run all year, and he’s in his final season. So his give-a-s#it factor was probably really low. 

“Tony has been ultra-fair to me,” admitted Hamlin. “He has treated me really well my entire career. It’s not like I gave him (the win) by any means. He gave me an opportunity to move him, and I did. Then I got it back. It’s just part of the deal.” 

Stewart was in rare form for his post-race media availability, as well, laughing that Camping World Truck Series driver John Wes Townley “made my Top-5 hero list of all time” by lobbing on-track punches at adversary Spencer Gallagher the night before. In the end, however, he made it clear that Sunday’s win was not a mission-accomplished moment for him, or his Stewart Haas Racing teammates. 

“I’m okay if this is the last one I get, “he said. “But I’m not content. I want more. You guys know me well enough to know I’m not laying down.” 

Prior to Sunday’s race, Stewart shared some prophetic final words with first-year crew chief Mike Bugarewicz, saying, “If I get angry and start yelling at you today, just remind me to have fun.” 

“We always talk about that,” revealed Bugarewicz. “What’s most important — for all of us — is to just enjoy it, take it in. You have to do that.” 

In the end, though, the day was best summarized by Stewart’s 78-year old father, Nelson, whose relationship with his son has been as tempestuous as any other in Smoke’s world.

“I knew they were going to have to take it away from him,” said the elder Stewart, as a steady stream of well-wishers offered congratulations and a mammoth crowd roared its approval. “He wasn’t going to let them have it. You get him that close to the checkered flag, and he’s not going to let it go.

“That’s the world lifted off him, for sure,” he said. “They caught me crying on TV, and I don’t care.”




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What Are The Most Common Spiders Found In Australian Homes?

In Australia you can count on any number of spiders invading the common household, but one of the most common of all is the aptly named Black House Spider. If you are a citizen of Australia, then you are likely used to seeing these little monsters, but if you are living anywhere else, then these spiders will likely frighten even those who are not chronic arachnophobes.

These spiders are just under an inch in length and have about a one and a quarter inch long leg span.  They are not terribly large, but they are very unsightly. These spiders are often found near a light source since their prey, which include flies, moths, beetles, and mosquitoes, often gather around bright lights.  These spiders are able to survive for about two years, and can even become the prey of other spiders or parasitic flies.

Simply finding one of these spiders is a sign that they are likely infesting whichever location that they are found in.  Although these spiders are not aggressive and therefore not inclined to bite humans, they can cause unpleasant symptoms in anybody bitten by one of them.  Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sweating, and even skin lesions, so if you are traveling to Australia, then beware of these guys.

Is there a kind of spider that you often see in your home? What kind of spider is it and what do you do when you see one?

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Risky Antarctic Rescue Mission Completed Successfully

Before I left for Utah last week, one of the stories that we were watching closely was a daring and risky evacuation flight to the South Pole. At the time, all we knew was that a staff member at the Amundsen-Scott research facility had taken ill, and the situation was so desperate that two Twin Otter Aircraft has been scrambled from Kenn Borek Air in Canada to evacuate them. While it took some…

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Here's why the Supreme Court ruling on Obama's executive immigration actions has a huge effect on the next president

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at a fundraiser for Washington Governor Jay Inslee in Seattle, June 24, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The Supreme Court’s decision blocking President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration could have a far-reaching impact on both the November election and the next president.

In a 4-4 Thursday decision, the Supreme Court left in place the decision of a lower court in a case involving Obama’s plan to shield millions of immigrants living in the country illegally from deportation. The lower court ruled in United States v. Texas that the executive actions were an overreach of presidential power.

The case came down to whether jurists believed that Obama’s plan was simply his outline of how he planned to enforce existing immigration policies, which is within his purview, or whether his executive actions were actually the creation of new legislation, which would not be. Obama’s executive actions, outlined in 2014, aimed to focus deportation efforts on criminally engaged immigrants while providing relief to those who reside in the country illegally but are otherwise law-abiding and meet certain qualifications.

“The way I think about this whole case is that it’s really an example of a president trying to push the envelope as to where the outer-boundaries of his power are,” David Primo, associate professor of political science and business administration at the University of Rochester, told Business Insider. 

“You can make the argument that, had President Obama simply started informally enforcing the law as he outlined in his executive orders, this wouldn’t have been challenged,” he later added. “But the fact that he codified them, he wrote an executive order saying the law should be enforced as such. I think is why it became problematic.”

Barack ObamaAnother caveat to the decision is that, since it was split 4-4, the court made no determination on what is the appropriate scope for a president to use executive action. That, Primo said, makes it much more likely that the court will look to take a case involving the use of executive power in the near future to help settle the issue. 

With that in mind, it could play a role in what both presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump attempt to do along the lines of using executive power. Push the boundary a bit too far, and either president could see their executive powers limited by a Supreme Court decision shortly thereafter.

“You can imagine if it’s a President Trump vs. a President Clinton, the desire to find out where that line is could be very different,” Primo said.

The specter of another case involving executive actions could also play a role in the kind of justice a Clinton or Trump chooses to nominate for not only the seat that is currently vacated after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia earlier this year, but future seats that are sure to open up within the next four years.

Had Scalia still be on the court, the decision would have almost certainly been 5-4 in favor of affirming the lower court’s decision. Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the void in March, but it’s unlikely he will receive a vote ahead of the November election.

 “You could imagine that pivotal member of the court is going to establish precedent on this,” Primo said. “So it’s certainly conceivable that we could have a case, and so it could be the case that the next president says ‘you know, I don’t want to find out where the line is cause I might be wrong or if it surprises me, I will lose power I thought I had.'”

“So the next president might get up to that line that seems to exist and not try to find out exactly where the line is, so to not draw a constitutional challenge,” he continued. “Because if the Supreme Court doesn’t get a case, it can’t act.

supreme courtOf course, since the decision not only has to do with executive powers, which might not be a wedge issue in November, and does have to do with immigration, which will be, the decision is going to have a big impact on the election.

“This was President Obama’s sort of last stand on immigration and he lost,” Primo said. “Now immigration is essentially dead until the next session of congress. This will mobilize both sides of the issue.”

Donald TrumpClinton and Trump both fired off responses to the decision, with Clinton calling it “unacceptable” and Trump assuring followers that the ruling “kept us all safe.”

“Today’s 4-4 Supreme Court ruling has blocked one of the most unconstitutional actions ever undertaken by a President,” Trump said in a statement. “The executive amnesty from President Obama wiped away the immigration rules written by Congress, giving work permits and entitlement benefits to people illegally in the country.”

“This split decision also makes clear what is at stake in November,” he continued. “The election, and the Supreme Court appointments that come with it will decide whether or not we have a border and, hence, a country.”

But Trump, who has proposed building a massive border wall along the US-Mexico border in addition to ordering the deportation of millions of immigrants who are in the country illegally, may see his immigration plans hindered by the court’s decision. If the border wall, for example, were to be enacted through executive action, it could be the exact kind of move leading to a constitutional challenge and a Supreme Court case soon after. 

The issue goes to the next level with this decision, because it makes it clear you need to have Congressional buy-in to get immigration reform,” Primo said. “This is going to move the immigration issue front and center.”

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MotoGP wet tyres 'didn't work' at Assen – Ducati's Andrea Dovizioso

Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso feels the spate of crashes in the wet Dutch TT were as a result of a front MotoGP tyre from Michelin that “didn’t work”

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Toro Rosso to run F3 racer Sette Camara in Silverstone F1 test

European Formula 3 racer Sergio Sette Camara will drive a Formula 1 car competitively for the first time when he takes part in next month’s Silverstone test for Toro Rosso

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Sonoma NASCAR: Tony Stewart claims first win in three years

Tony Stewart ended a three-year NASCAR Sprint Cup victory drought by winning under huge pressure from Denny Hamlin at Sonoma

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Road America IndyCar: Will Power holds off charging Tony Kanaan

Will Power held off a last-gasp surge by Tony Kanaan on the IndyCar series’ return to Road America to secure a second win of the season

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Hermès Men’s Spring 2017 Runway

images: IMAXtree

See all the Hermès Men’s Spring 2017 looks from the runway.

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